June 18, 2018
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Australia Cracks 1992 US Lottery

Australia Cracks 1992 US Lottery 15 February 1992, the lottery in Virginia, USA, stood at $27 million. Many hopefuls bought their tickets, but little did they know that an Australian syndicate was to outwit them all.     Stefan Mandel was a Romanian economist and somewhat of a maths Continue Reading
Winner Stories

Triumph After Tragedy

Triumph After Tragedy The internet is full of stories about people that have won the lottery. Some stories are full of luck or mystery and some of bizarre circumstances. The tale of Mary Wollens story would definitely be classified as the latter, and is a tale that needs to be told right from the beginning… […]Continue Reading

The Luck of the Irish

The Luck of the Irish The National UK Lottery has created 4,000 millionaires since the first draw in November 1994; 88 of whom live in Northern Ireland. One such winner was Peter Lavery, a Belfast bus driver that went from earning £200 a week to winning about 10 times the pre-tax profits of his employers. […]Continue Reading
Winner Stories

A Million Dollar Start to 2018

A Million Dollar Start to 2018 We all celebrate the new year, a fresh start and the anticipation of things to come as we set our goals and go full speed ahead. Now imagine starting 2018 off with a winning lotto ticket, a ticket worth $450 million to be exact.   One lucky and, as […]Continue Reading
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The Miracle Mile Fairly Tale

The Miracle Mile Fairly Tale When it comes to buying lottery tickets we tend to focus on the numbers.  But what if your location could improve your chances? Fond du Lac, a small city in Wisconsin, is home to the “Miracle Mile”.  Stores on this main street have sold more than 14 winning tickets in the past […]Continue Reading
Winner Stories

Superstitions and the lottery

In a world filled with superstitions and strange beliefs, it is not surprising that lottery players take heed of certain superstitions when playing. One of the biggest fears of bad luck involves the number 13, to the extent that airlines do not have a Row 13 on their airplanes. In light of this, the unluckiest […]Continue Reading
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Biggest Lotto Win of All

Biggest Lotto Win of All One of the biggest lotto wins in Europe was won by a couple in July 2011. Colin and Christine Weir, from Largs, Ayrshire, who won the entire whopping jackpot of £161 million in the EuroMillions draw.   The couple had been married for thirty years by that time and have […]Continue Reading
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Grand Winnings for Humble Winners

Grand Winnings for Humble Winners Winning the lottery is a life changing event, and even our humble winners cannot escape the rush of a grand prize! Many set their sights on buying a new house while others dream about never working another day in their lives. Does winning the lottery truly change a lifestyle and […]Continue Reading
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Teen Wins Twice in One Week

Teen Wins Twice in One Week We seem to be stumbling across a fair amount of stories about people who have won the lotto twice or, like a man in Detroit, even three times. And then this story of a teen who wins twice in one week!   I almost feel I should call them […]Continue Reading