October 23, 2021
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88 Million Rollover this Friday

88 Million Pounds to be won: The investment opportunity for 88 Million Pounds is as follows: Funds: Property, 15 million pounds – 18% return per anum = 2.7M. Rental property (block of flats), 20 million – 9% = 1.8M. Housing Development (buy and sell) 10 million, – 12.5% Continue Reading

Euro Millions Prize Breakdown and Fund Allocation

EuroMillions Prize Fund Allocation You can play the Euromillions online here: play euro millions and you can look up the latest results over here: euromillions results Euromillions Jackpot prizes are paid out in the currency of the country in which you bought your ticket, Euros in most Continue Reading

Euro Millions Fevor!

play euro millions Fever! Yup – players from all around the world are biting the bullet and buying buying buying… hopefully there will be some big winners tonight otherwise next week will be complete pandemonia! 64 Million smackeroonies waiting to be picked up by someone or a lot of Continue Reading

Lotto News

Welcome to the first edition of Lottery News brought to you by play euro millions. Today I want to encourage our users to embrace the use of our blogging service as a way to keep in touch with whats going on in the lottery world. I personally hate spam and unsolicited mail and so we are […]Continue Reading