January 23, 2022

Get yourself a Euromillions results feed, for free!

With the Euro Jackpot at €100 Million, you may well want to get your hands on a euro feed to have the latest and greatest up-to-date results to your website…With the following, yet to be released results feed, you can be well on your way to some pretty accurate results… well, deadly accurate!

You have two choices, option 1 is to have a small widget, like this one:

You can get the above widget directly from the website over here: lottery results widget

Option 2, is to have a more embracing one such as this as of yet unreleased widget although you can just grab the code from the box at the bottom of it… just don’t tell anyone you got it from me!

Things to remember with this Euromillions results widget:

  1. You will need to play with the iFrame width and height other wise you will end up with scroll bars on your site page which will look ugly.
  2. You can adjust the colour scheme of it if you like, I have just left it at its default settings…
  3. The sid elements refer to the site from where the widget came, there is a default setting for this but best to leave it as you found it otherwise the URL changes…

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