January 23, 2022

Where to play the lotto if you live in the Eastern Cape

We would like to welcome our latest lotto partner from the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The website is called: Kouga Lotto which is named after the Kouga region which from we can tell from our Google Maps, compasses and sextants is that it comprises of:
Cape St. Francis:
Cape St. Francis is known for the famous Seal Point Lighthouse that is
27.75 meters high. It was first lit on 4 July 1878. Tourist will often
come to see the light house. Seal Point is the third most southerly
point in South Africa. Other than that, people come here to enjoy the
nature because …Oyster Bay:
The Small Village of Oyster Bay lies very near to Jeffreys Bay,
Humansdorp, St. Francis and Cape St. Francis and it is at the start of
the famous Garden Route of Eastern Cape. Oyster Bay is a very small
village/town but it is a great family resort that is surrounded by
golden sandy beaches. During …Patensie:
Patensie is a small farm town in Eastern Cape and not far from Jeffreys
Bay, Humansdorp and Hankey. Patensie is very well-known for its citrus
farms and has become quite a popular tourist destination. Patensie was
first declared a town in 1858. Patensie is also the home of
Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area, a lot of people …St. Francis Bay:
St Francis Bay is a truly unique village/small coastal tourism town in
the Kouga area, Eastern Cape. St Francis Bay has a specific style of
architecture and character which the idea came from Leighton Hulett; a
person who started this town. It does not look like any ordinary town
and it mainly consists of 2 …

Read more about the Kouga Towns

So if you are from the Eastern Cape in South Africa and want to have a spin on the lotto, why not buy your tickets from: KougaLotto.com


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