October 17, 2021
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Mechigan Man Tries For A Hat Trick Lottery Win

Winning the lottery seems to be almost impossible for most people, however Joseph Palmarchuk of Lansing, Michigan seems to have all the luck.

Joe and his wife were forced into early retirement in the beginning of the 2000’s.  A short while later they had to declare bankruptcy, causing them to lose their home. Ever positive they knew their luck would change.

In 2008, Joe received a life-changing call from a lottery official in Tennessee, telling him that he had just won $1 million.
If that wasn’t lucky enough, in 2011, Palmarchuk went on to win another ‘big check’ ($1.35 million jackpot in Michigans Classic47 lotto), making this his second lottery win. After assisting family and friends with his winnings, he and his wife continue to live their ‘ordinary’ lives.
Admittedly he still continues to play the lottery regularly so that maybe one day he’ll win his hat trick.
“There is no pattern other than I can’t win if I don’t play,” he says. “Mark my words: I’m gonna hit one again.”
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