October 17, 2021
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The lottery win that almost never happened for one lucky granny

The lottery win that almost never happened for one lucky granny

Granny, Lynne Groves of Chelmsford in Essex won a whopping £1 million at the age of 57! Her lucky lottery ticket story however almost never happened.


Lynne Groves, who has been working as a carer for more than 30 years, thought that she would be working until her late sixties or possibly beyond, then thanks to a small dose of luck and a simple mistake, that has all changed.


While Lynne was at her local newsagent, Nisa Castle Stores on Sandford Road in Chelmsford, she requested that her usual Lottery tickets be
printed. Pierce the shopkeeper accidentally printed off a EuroMillions ticket, realising his mistake he then reprinted a Lotto Lucky Dip ticket for Ms Groves.


This ticket turned out to be a Lotto Millionaire Raffle ticket, however it definitely seems as if the fates were in her favour, as the reprinted ticket for the Wednesday night Lotto Millionaire Raffle held the winning number combination and has made Lynne a Millionnaire.


Lynne said “I saw that the main numbers didn’t match but then I worked my way down to the Lotto Raffle, I couldn’t believe my eyes,
it matched!


How will this generous grandma spend her winnings? 

Her standing comment to the shopkeeper upon purchasing her regular lottery tickets was that when she hits the jackpot she would send him off to Australia, as this has now become a reality, she goes on to say that, “Pierce is speechless, for once!” Further to keeping her word to Pierce she plans to treat her family with her winnings by buying them a trip to Disneyland and planning a family holiday to Italy. Lynne said: “We think my dad had Italian heritage and I was always drawn to visit Italy but thought it would be a pipe dream, I can’t help thinking my dad – who we sadly lost about nine years ago– has had a hand in this win and has helped to make my Italian dream a reality.” For herself, her plans are more modest, Lynne wants to buy the home that her and her partner Mick are renting and renovate it before settling into a quiet retirement.


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