January 23, 2022
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It’s all in the stars… or is it?

It’s all in the stars… or is it?

Do you put much faith in what the horoscopes predict in the daily print media? 


Rachel Bryan didn’t think much of the first one she saw. However when she spotted a second horoscope prediction for a big win, she decided to go with it and purchase a UK National Lottery ticket £1 Lucky Dip.


When the jackpot was drawn and 5, 6, 8, 19, 34 and 38, her numbers, came up she was thanking her lucky stars as the winner of £2,5 Million.


A truly life-changing experience by any account! Rachel was 34 at the time, a trainee solicitor who was about to qualify, her husband Tony was working as food technician and their 7 year old daughter Kelly’s lives would never be the same again.



Rachel was quoted saying “Some people know straight away what they want to do or they jet straight off on holiday but we didn’t know what to do. Being millionaires takes some getting used to. One minute you’re planning for this kind of life then suddenly the goalposts have changed.”


Now where most people would spend their winnings on fancy homes, luxury cars, designer clothing or exotic holidays, the Bryan’s however decided to fulfill their dream of being self-sufficient.


They purchased a small-holding, a former garden nursery in the idyllic village of Rolleston, Nottinghamshire, consisting of a six acre property with a house and an industrial-sized greenhouse.


Rachel and her family are growing their own food and raising their own animals including two goats and 200 chickens. This usually has them up early in the morning tending to the animals and working with their crops such as peppers, chillies, onions, potatoes, melons amongst other things.


They make a small income from letting land to caravans and campers during the summer season and selling eggs and chicks.


For most people it’s about what you buy and the material gains that make winning the lottery worthwhile. For the Bryans, it has been a lifestyle choice that made them real winners.


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