October 23, 2021

From Humble Beginnings – more about the Lottery in Brazil

From Humble Beginnings – more about the Lottery in Brazil

As in most countries the Brazilian Lottery had a very interesting start; back in the late 1700’s a fund raising exercise to raise enough money to build new prisons and out buildings is said to be the first games of luck.


Fund raising for new prisons

Later on the Baron de Drummond Zoo sold daily raffle tickets to increase their revenue and attract more visitors.


A jogo do bicho ticket – image Coisas de Florani

Due to the success of these raffle tickets, similar unregistered local lotteries became commonplace countrywide. Often with very low jackpots and they were said to be run by criminals, thus leading to a
lottery ban in 1896.


It wasn’t until 1947 that the Rio Grande do Sul state lottery was introduced. In 1961 a local bank was put in charge of all lottery activities and games of chance. In turn all private lotteries were prohibited.


Finally in 1967 the first National Lottery was created and in 2011 a record amount of 10 Billion Real ($3 Billion US) was raised by lotteries country wide.


Initially the Brazilian Lotteries were only open to residents but they now allow for online entries too.



The laws governing the Brazil Lotteries are pretty much the same as most lotteries;


– Minimum age is 18, even for scratch cards.

– Brazilian Citizens are exempt from paying tax on any amount of winnings.

– Foreigners are taxed up to 30% of the jackpot in the form if income tax.

– A valid bank account is needed to claim winnings, locally or abroad.

– Prizes need to be claimed within 3 months of the draw.


The following lotteries can be played in Brazil:


– Dupla Sena – draws: Tuesday / Friday

– Federal – draws: Wednesday / Saturday

– Lotofacil – draws: Monday / Wednesday / Friday

– Lotomania – draws: Wednesday/ Saturday- Mega-Sena – draws: Wednesday / Saturday

– Quina – draws: Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday / Friday / Saturday The largest Jackpot in Brazil Lotteries was in 2014 where the total payout was 263 Million Real (around $86 million US).

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