October 26, 2021
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Large Powerball Jackpot Finally Won – Ticket Holder Yet to Come Forward

Large Powerball Jackpot Finally Won – Ticket Holder Yet to Come Forward

The Powerball Jackpot rollover has been stopped in its tracks with a Jackpot of $429.6 Million after 18 draws without a winner since the previous Jackpot was won on 2nd March this year.


The lucky numbers: 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, 9 have turned out more than 3 million ticket holders claiming smaller prizes totaling $25.7 million, but the BIG JACKPOT WINNER is still to come forward.


Purchased at a 7 eleven in Trenton, New Jersey this lucky ticket is said to be one of the biggest single winning tickets in US history. The owner of the store where the ticket was purchased has been said to have received a $30,000 bonus.


There is a fair amount of time for the winner to come forward, however below we have listed some reasons as to why they may not have done so yet.


  • Shock – the shock of becoming a multi-millionaire can be extremely overwhelming.Away – the winner could be travelling abroad on bus. Illegal immigrant – may feel they cannot collect winnings as they do not have a right to be in the country.
  • Getting affairs in order – the tax implications of winning such a large sum has huge implications on the amount that one can get out. One would need to seek council as to what the best method would be to receive the jackpot winnings.
  • Lost ticket – it would be very unlucky indeed if the winning ticket was blowing around the streets or has ended up in the dumpster accidentally.
  • Or worse Death – winning a huge jackpot like this may cause a heart attack. While we hope that the winner is alive and well and will come forward in due course we have a look at the odds they have already overcome.
  • The odds of winning Powerball are not easy ones to beat!Individual tickets have a 1 in 292 million chance of having the complete jackpot-winning six-digit combination.


Guessing the Powerball number is difficult enough as the odds are 1 in 38 and this will win you $4!


In other cases people have elected to delay claiming their winnings for completely different reasons:


Gerry and Lisa Cannings had delayed handing in their winning ₤32 Million UK National Lottery ticket for a week as they were busy renovating.


In Canada Friedrich Mayrhofer, his wife, Annand, and son, Eric, waited nearly two years to claim their $50 Million Lotto Max prize because they were hoping to remain anonymous.

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