October 23, 2021
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Lottery Near Misses

Lottery Near Misses

Remember that feeling of euphoria when your numbers come up? Have you ever had that chased by that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you can’t find your lottery ticket?


This week we share some stories of those lost tickets:


Richard and Dione Buss from Bristol, England had a very near miss when Richard threw away the ticket after the lottery draw on a Wednesday night.


His wife, Dione remembered a few days later that the ticket bought was actually for a weekly draw and was still valid for that Saturday’s draw and fortunately was able to retrieved the ticket from the bin.


They discovered their lucky win on the Sunday evening and had to wait till the Monday morning to claim their prize, of £ 1,900 000.00.  From their winnings they planned to travel, treat their family and friends and donate to the hospital where Mrs. Buss was receiving treatment for her MS condition.



Another near miss was of Mr. Pete Kemp, of Des Moines in Iowa, who went to a gas station to have his ticket checked for any winnings.  The clerk accidentally tore the ticket up while throwing away some paperwork.


Mr. Kemp only realised that he didn’t have his ticket when he was on his way back to the car and went back into the store.  Luckily the clerk was able to retrieve both parts of the ticket at tape it together as Pete Kemp was the lucky winner of $1 000 000.00.



James Wilson of Gloucestershire England had his own very near miss.  Mr. Wilson was busy cleaning out his wallet when he came across an old ticket. Out of curiosity he checked his numbers online and noticed that he had the winning numbers, with just one day to spare James was able to claim his prize of £51,232.90. 


The Lottery had been advertising for 6 months trying to find the winning lottery ticket and the whole time it was stuffed at the back of his wallet! Luckily Mr. Wilson was still able to claim his prize otherwise I suspect that might have been a story he would of carried to his grave.



Few came as close as a couple in Seattle who bought a lottery ticket for the $350 000 000.00 draw, and upon discovery that they didn’t win the big prize they discarded the ticket in their car. Approximately three months later their car got burgled of a pair of sunglasses that was ironically lying on top of the ticket. After that they decided to check their ticket again and discovered that they actually won on the second chance draw a sizeable $ 1 000 000.00. What a great consolation prize for the pair of stolen sun glasses. The moral of these stories are, keep your tickets safe, check your tickets regularly and it’s safer to play online!!


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