October 23, 2021

Australia’s biggest Winners and Losers

Australia’s biggest Winners and Losers


In November 2012 Australia had their biggest Lottery winning. A phenomenal AUD $111 972 151.04 was split between four lucky tickets.


The jackpot winnings were split equally into AUD $27 993 037.76 for each ticket, the recipients of which were spread far and wide over Australia.


Two of the very lucky ticket winners were from Victoria and they were informed of their winnings by phone. One ticket was a  mother of three, who was so shocked by the good news that she made operator promise to call her back in case she accidentally hung up the phone! The second ticket was purchased by a central syndicate of 80 members, with each syndicate member entitled to a division share of AUD $349,913.00.


The third winning ticket was from New South Wales and was purchased by a by a dad from a NSW Lottery outlet during the family’s recent holiday to the coast.The last lucky ticket was purchased in Queensland.


A little over a year later in December of 2013, the “Largest Lottery Win” ever by a single ticket was set, when a ticket purchased by a group of friends on the Gold Coast won AUD $70 Million in Oz Lotto.


The women met regularly for lunch and used the money left over after paying their bill to buy a shared lottery ticket. The group of ladies have made the wise decision to remain anonymous.




But as with life’s ups and downs not all lottery winner stories have happy endings and probably the unluckiest winner of all is one Mr. Robert Clemett from New South Wales. Mr Clemett is said to have realised that he had bought a winning ticket when he saw a television program about unclaimed lottery prizes almost four years after the Oz Lotto draw on 23 September 1997.


Mr Clemett tried to claim the outstanding sum of AUD $3,348,326.14, which remains the single largest unclaimed prize in the Oz Lotto. Unfortunately he was one of approximately 50 people who contacted NSW Lotteries for the purpose of making a claim or inquiry in respect of the unclaimed prize following the broadcast. He is the only claimant who has taken his claim as far as to pursue legal action in the NSW Supreme Court.


NSW Lotteries maintains that in the absence of a ticket, they have no legal obligation to pay over the winning sum. As a result Mr Clemett’s case was dismissed and he was ordered to pay NSW Lotteries’ legal fees.




The moral of the story here is that if you have purchased a lottery ticket, do yourself a favour and check your ticket after the draw!! Who knows, your bank account might expand by a few extra zeros!


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