October 23, 2021
Big lottery winners

Biggest wins of the South African National Lottery

Biggest wins of the South African National Lottery



While reading up on some of the largest lottery wins it seems that the best way to deal with a BIG WIN is to keep quiet and not tell anyone about it! Not even your family, as this mother of two and the single biggest lottery winner in South Africa has done.


This mother chose to remain anonymous a a after winning a jackpot of  R91 million in 2010 and decided not tell her children. She decided to keep working and living life as normal and to spend her winnings wisely. Keeping her head in this way will ensure that they do not get hounded by fortune hunters or long lost family who all of a sudden come crawling out of the woodwork as in so many cases that she had heard about.


Coincidentally the second biggest winner in South Africa, who’s numbers also came up in 2010, was a 29 year old gentleman from the Western Cape who won R69 million. Upon discovering this turn of good fortune he immediately phoned his wife. Luckily he too seems to have kept his head and planned on donating some of his winnings to charity and investing the rest in a small business.


A third winner who hasn’t won large jackpots as the previous two winners he has however won the lotto twice!!


An anonymous gentleman from Limpopo beat the odds and won R11 million in 2002, and though some would be happy with that and live a full and lavish life style this lucky gentleman kept playing and 7 years later he won another R30 million.Choosing to remain anonymous, independent and in complete control, the man opted to drive himself to the Gidani (who at that time was the operator of the National Lottery) offices in Midrand to claim his prize. Unfortunately not all lottery winners make wise decisions, as is the case with Mr. Batsirayi Mupfawi who worked for 15 years as a chauffeur for the manager of the golfer Ernie Els. He won R14 million in 2000. Although Mr Mupfawi owns his own trucking company he has had to sell some of his property to cover the debts he has run up over the years and his phone and security services have been suspended due to lack of payment. Read his full story here.

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