October 26, 2021

Man wins Lottery Twice in 7 years

Man wins Lottery Twice in 7 years

For some people winning the lotto is once in a lifetime dream. For others it is almost unimaginable to even win, but not for this man. It might be his lucky stars or just simply his determination to beat the massive odds. However one thing is for sure, this South African man from Limpopo has become very rich at only 34 years old after winning the lotto twice in 7 years.


It started in 2002, when the anonymous player won his first prize in the South African National Lottery, walking away R11 Million richer.  Instead of settling for only the one victory another lottery ticket purchased in 2009 saw him win again. Beating the odds of 14 million to one, he won his second lottery prize of R30 Million and became the first man in South African history to achieve something this spectacular.


According to the Spokesperson for South African Lottery Thembi Tulwana “he is just a lucky bloke”.


Despite the two lottery wins and an enormous temptation to spend his funds unwisely, this man seems to know where to invest his winnings. This lucky winner said that he will be investing most of his money into his four children’s’ future and his businesses, which are mostly in property development.


Tulwana mentioned that this lucky winner was extremely calm and collected when he came to claim his winnings. While insisting on driving himself to collect his prize, he left an impression of a “man who has money”.


Spending only R100 a month on lotto ticket, with his two massive lotto winnings under his belt, we can be sure that he and his four children have rather bright future ahead.


The ‘most lottery wins’ record belongs to a man from Idaho (USA), who won the lottery three times.


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