October 20, 2021
Big lottery winners

The Biggest Lottery Winners in History

The Biggest Lottery Winners in History


Which type of lottery player are you?

The one who only buys a lottery ticket when you feel lucky? Or are you loyal to one lottery game and buy your ticket every week or once a month? You may even be the person who believes it is impossible to win so much money! Which ever category you belong to, after reading this article, we are sure that you will run to your nearest outlet and purchase your lotto ticket. Let’s have a look at five of the luckiest wins in the history of the lottery.



Jim and Carolyn McCullar

If you give, you will receive goes the saying.


This is definitely the true in the case of the lucky couple from Olympia who won the unbelievable US$190 Million in the Washington Lottery. The parents of 6 and grandparents of 23, are believed to always help within their community and often give funds to those who need it most.


In one of the interviews Jim reveled that he and his wife only play the numbers of their birth dates, 08-15-42 and 04-25-47. Amazingly, they won with those exact numbers twice, the first time winning US$18,000.00 and second time won them the record breaking jackpot.



Louise White

In March 2012, Louise White proved that it is never too late to play the lottery, by winning the huge sum of US$336 Million at the age of 81.


Louise played the PowerBall lottery regularly and never forgot to include a ticket on her grocery shopping list. This Rhode Island resident, decided to keep her lucky winning ticket in her bible until she could exchange it for the big cash payout.


Merle and Patricia Butler

The Butlers are another lucky couple who are known in their local community as a decent people and according to Merle they “just happened to hit it big in the Lottery”. Walking away US$218 Million richer, they said they will be doing some good deeds with their winnings.


Merle stated in the official prize ceremony that even though they have won the big MegaMillions lottery prize, their lives will not change drastically.


Eddie Nabor

Another record win belongs to a truck driver from Georgia who on 6th of March 2007 snapped the amazing MegaMillions jackpot of US$390 Million along with Elaine and Harold Messner of New Jersey.  The 52 year old shared that he plans to help his daughter buy a house and his sister pay of her mortgage. Quite the generous offer, isn’t it?



Looking at those five lucky winners, it is obvious that winning a lottery is not impossible after all. So if you have lottery on your mind and are wondering what you would do if you win, then go ahead and try your luck. It is worth the couple of  Euros to play and you never know what your numbers might bring.

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