January 23, 2022

World’s Most Popular Lottery’s

World’s Most Popular Lottery’s

You too can play some of the most popular lottery games from all over the world with Lottery Network brought to you by Sun 7 Gaming. Visit our website to for a chance to win your share in some amazing jackpots.Imagine how easy your life could be if you win the next big jackpot, you could afford to do anything that you’d like.


Whether you buy that dream house or car, travel the world or even start your own business, the possibilities are endless. The rewards are a tremendous attraction for getting your hands on that winning lottery ticket. This is why each month people rush out to get their tickets whether at a kiosk in a shop or online.



As one of the USA’s most popular lottery’s the Mega Millions definitely does live up to it’s namesake. With a ticket costing only $3.13 and the Jackpots starting at $15 million, no wonder this lottery game is on top of our list. It’s highest Jackpot to date was $656 Million which was won by 3 lucky tickets for the draw on 30th March 2012.


To play Mega Millions, a player is to select six numbers from two separate pools, five numbers from 1 to 75 and one number from 1 – 15. Alternatively, one can opt for EasyPick and let the computer pick numbers on your behalf.


Powerball, another large jackpot game in the USA is second on our list. While spending $5.37 on a ticket, you have a chance to win this massive jackpot every Wednesday and Saturday night. Five white balls and one red ball are drawn from a drum of 69 white and 26 red balls. The jackpot is awarded to a person who can match the 5 white and 1 red ball in any order. The jackpot is paid out over 29 years (30 payments counting the first immediate payment) or a cash lump sum payment. The latest winner was the Smith Family from New Jersey who won an unbelievable jackpot of $429.6 million in May 2016.




Third on our list is the very popular, European lottery called EuroMillions (UK). Under the EuroMillions banner one can find various instant win games such as WindGold, Jewel Multiplier, Instant Millioner Lifestyle and many more. Each of the games tickets’ will cost you under £5. The most recent lucky EuroMillions winner is Jim McLoughlin from Newry, who accidentally found his winning ticket in his winter coat. Thanks to the cold weather that made him reach for his jacket, he is now £1 Million richer.



Another huge lottery with amazing prizes and jackpots is the Australian Powerball. The draws take place every Thursday and although their jackpot cannot be compared to the USA version, it is by far the most popular lottery among the Aussies.


It’s jackpots average around AU$80 Million, and the odds of winning the Australian Powerball jackpot is much higher than in the USA version where you have to compete against 175 million others. In December 2012, the lucky Australian couple Mark and Cindy Hill won an amazing PowerBall jackpot of AU$294 Million and used their winnings to adopt another child to join their family. You can play these amazing international lottery’s right here with Lottery Network. It’s easy to get started simply create an account, log in and play. You never know, maybe your new life as a millionaire will begin after the next lottery draw!

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