October 17, 2021
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A quick trip to the shop and a cool £250,000 in the bank!

A quick trip to the shop and a cool £250,000 in the bank!

A quick trip to the shops and a spur of the moment purchase has led to a life changing GameStore win for a couple. The £250,000 Navy Scratchcard caught the eye of the couple and the top prize will pay for treats for all their family. Les West, 62, and his wife Charmaine, 52, were off to see their daughter when they stopped for bread and milk in a local shop. Queueing to pay, a snap decision has changed the couple’s finances.


Highways Contractor, Les, said, “We were at the till when Charmaine saw the Navy Scratchcard at the counter and commented how lovely it would be to win £250,000, so I said ‘buy one as you never know’. It was a spur of the moment decision and on the way back to the car I decided to scratch the card.


“As soon as I saw what it said I started to shake and went as white a sheet. I said to Charmaine that we’ve won and she asked if it was a tenner. I said higher and she then said £20, £50, £100 and each time I told her it was even higher. She thought I was messing around but when I asked her what was the amount she had just dreamt about in the shop she started screaming.”


Amazing few days
The ecstatic couple went home and immediately called The National Lottery to claim their prize before calling the rest of the family. That evening they had a meal with their family to celebrate.


“It has been an amazing few days. I still haven’t stopped shaking. Before the man from Camelot came to confirm everything, we kept the ticket during the day in Charmaine’s purse, and at night I put it under my pillow.”


Charmaine is a housewife and they have six children and ten grandchildren between them. The couple have decided that they’ll treat themselves to a new car, a UK holiday as Charmaine doesn’t like to fly, and will give some money to their children and grandchildren.


Les who works maintaining the county’s highways, will be working throughout December including Christmas Day. He said, “This win is amazing, it really has taken the pressure off us and although I will still be working over the festive period, one thing I know is that this will be the best Christmas ever.”


Source: National Lottery Website.

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