October 17, 2021
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Cornish runners scoop a million pounds!

Cornish runners scoop a million pounds!


A syndicate of Cornish runners backed their friends ‘lucky’ feeling and grabbed a EuroMillions ticket. They have now set a new personal best after crossing the line first and winning £1Million.


The syndicate from Mount’s Bay Harriers in Penzance bought 13 tickets in Exeter Airport on their way to Amsterdam for a weekend of running after their syndicate leader had one of his ‘feelings’ and convinced them that they would be lucky.


Syndicate leader Nicky Morse, 58, a self–employed painter and decorator from Penzance, was at Exeter Airport when he had the overwhelming urge to buy a EuroMillions ticket. As soon as his friends heard about his premonition, they all wanted to get involved because Nicky is renowned for his winning streak.


Nicky said, “I do seem to have a bit of a magic touch. I’m not a regular gambler but every now and then, I feel lucky and I’ll be drawn to bet on something and I always win. Over the years I’ve learned to take these feelings as they come and put my positive mindset to good use. It always pays off but this is by far my biggest win to date.”


Once the group had purchased their 13 EuroMillions tickets they promptly forgot about them and carried on with enjoying their long weekend of running in Amsterdam. It was only when they returned that one of the syndicate decided to check the results. However, they neglected to check the UK Millionaire Maker code and threw the balled up tickets at Nicky, joking, “You and your ‘feelings’”.


More faith
Luckily, Nicky had more faith and he and his wife, Jackie, took the tickets home to double check. It was then that they discovered they had won £1MMillion and Nicky quickly contacted the rest of the group to tell them they were all £76,923 better off.


“There were a lot of tears and disbelief when I broke the news. Certainly no one slept that night. I think it has settled in now and everyone has started making plans. Everyone will be doing something different with their share. Some are going to pay off their mortgages, there are a few holidays being booked and I’m planning some home improvements.


“We are all hoping to get together for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate our good fortune soon.”


Source: National Lottery Website.

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