October 17, 2021

Lottery success: A numbers game

Lottery success: A numbers game

Many of us are very superstitious about lottery numbers. We always pick the same numbers (our “lucky” numbers), or we pick the numbers in our children’s birthdates. We also know a few people who buy lottery tickets when their palms itch (a sign that money’s on its way, they say).


Some of us look for guidance in the esoteric, or inside fortune cookies.



One really lucky chap asked for divine intervention and then dreamed about lottery numbers. The next day, he played those numbers, and he won US$189 million in the October 2013 Mega Millions Jackpot. He told news reporters that he had prayed for good luck. And that in his dream, his relatives told him which winning numbers to pick.



There are also times when going against superstition brings great reward. While many lottery players would avoid picking the number 13, or playing the lottery on Friday the 13th, Kelsey Zachow did the opposite. She bought a ticket on Friday the 13th, and it paid off: She won a whopping $56 million the 2013 Michigan Lottery!


So, it seems there’s more to numbers than we might have thought.


Indeed, if we look at the numbers that have won in the last few years, it’s clear that some numbers are, well, luckier than others.


We looked at the stats from the South African National Lottery for the last six years (i.e. 2000 – 2016), and here’s what we found:


Which are the five luckiest numbers in South Africa?

Number How many times it’s been drawn
16 229
8 224
30 224
2 220
48 216


Which four numbers, picked together, are the luckiest in South Africa?

Number combination How many times it’s been drawn
7, 11, 43,
7, 11, 20,
2, 8, 14, 41 3
5, 12, 17,
4, 9, 35, 36 3


Which numbers are picked the least in South Africa?

Number How many times it’s been drawn
10 168
36 170
37 170
32 173
25 173


USA Lotto: Which numbers are the most popular?

We also looked at the figures for the USA’s Lotto, and found that the most popular main numbers are as follows:

Number How many times it’s been drawn
26 266
41 255
16 255
22 254
42 253


Which are the luckiest – and unluckiest – numbers in the world?

The six most frequently drawn numbers in seven lotteries around the world (i.e. Canada, Spain, Germany, Poland, South Africa, the UK and Greece):  33, 6, 38, 40, 49, 7.


The six least frequently drawn numbers across these seven lotteries are: 13, 28, 5, 21, 36, 8.


Now you know which numbers are lucky, and which ones aren’t. And maybe you’ll increase your chances of winning, by picking these numbers more often.

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