January 23, 2022

Lottery – Changing lives one ticket at a time!

Lottery – Changing lives one ticket at a time!

We love lottery stories where the winners come out on top, it is always interesting to see what winners plan to spend their winnings on. Take a look at how these lucky winners plan to spend their winnings.


Dream Destination

A 64-year-old retired woman named Christina Ford, who hails from Dallas, came forward to claim ownership of the unclaimed $7,500,000 as part of the Mega Millions draw. Ford was one of two winners of this draw. The total jackpot was $15,000,000.


She said she “thought it was a dream and kept saying ‘Yeah, right. This can’t be true.’ She decided to come forward after three months of planning. Ford will use her winnings to go on holiday and share the money with her family members.


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Be the Boss

The Jones’ from Little River, South Carolina, became South Carolina’s second largest Mega Millions prize winners in history, winning $4 million.


Jones says that he bought a Mega Millions ticket for the previous day’s draw. However, he was too late and sales had ended. He went back the next day to try again and spent $2 on what was their winning ticket.


The Friday night of the draw he checked his ticket before retiring for the night and he had his wife check it too. The first five numbers of their ticket matched! If the Megaball number “11” had matched, the couple would have won $111 million. Despite this, the couple is happy with their prize.They had wanted to start their own business for some time and now they finally could.


Reduce the Stress

LaTonya Barnes, a Gary store cashier, won $3,000,000 in the Mega Millions draw on December 22.Barnes, who hails from Lake County, had a ticket with the first five numbers matching. The Mega Ball number, however, did not match. This typically carries a prize of $1,000,000. She multiplied her winnings by three and received $3,000,000 before taxes. According to Barnes she plays the lottery “once in a blue moon” and describes her win as “unbelievable”. She plans to share her winnings with her family and is excited not to stress about money anymore.


Gift Big

Michael Williams from Detroit, told his wife that they were going to have “the best Christmas ever”. He failed to mention that this was due to his winning $1,000,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Mega Millions game.


Williams, 60, won $1,000,000 after he matched the five white balls drawn in the Mega Millions drawing.


A co-worker of Williams had informed him that the L&F market had sold a big winner for the draw and he then went home to check his ticket. He kept the news to himself, wanting to surprise his wife. He plans to buy her a house for Christmas and to save the rest for retirement.


Visit a SpeciaPlace

Raul Ahumada, a 60-year-old man from Noel, claimed Missouri’s first Mega Millions jackpot. When he first checked his ticket he thought he had won $25,000. But when he took his ticket to the Lottery’s Springfield office he discovered that his winnings were, in fact, $25 million. Ahumada works at a chicken processing plant. Him and his wife, Rosa, want to “ try to find a nice mountain home and stay there”. He also wants to go back to Mexico to visit his family and his mother’s grave. He has not been back to Mexico in 15 years.



Whether improving family life, buying a new house, saving for retirement, starting a new business or going home, anything is possible if you when you win the lottery.


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