May 21, 2018
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Strength in Numbers

There is most definitely strength in numbers and this is proven to be true the world over, throughout history. Would you believe that this is also true for people playing the lottery?


Groups of like-minded individuals form syndicates, pool their money and play various numbers or various lottery games. They can be groups of family members, friends, work colleagues or even complete strangers.

The bonus of playing the lottery as a part of a syndicate is that you may be able to play more number combinations, more frequently and/or on more lottery games that you may not have even thought about before.

Have a look at some Syndicate Stories here:

Fellow pub goers from The Kings Arms, in Essex established a syndicate comprising of 16 members. The syndicate was formed almost three years prior and led by Emma Crawford, the landlady of The Kings Arms. In February 2017 they matched five numbers and a bonus number, landing them a win of £187,109 which means £11,694 per member. The members will use their winnings to do home improvements, upgrade vehicles and for trips abroad.


In 2005 a syndicate of 11 Tesco employees from Yorkshire pocketed a £18.2 million lottery jackpot. Their syndicate had started off with 13 people in the same year that their store installed a lottery terminal back in 1995. Each member chose a line of numbers and those were the numbers played every week. When a member opted out of the syndicate another member picked up the line without changing the numbers. Each member won £1.4 million and the two members that picked up the departed members lines each won an additional £1.4 million. These syndicate members lives were changed with one winning lottery ticket.


In South Africa, a husband and wife syndicate who had been playing the lottery, since its inception earlier that year, scooped up a R4.2 million lottery jackpot back in 2000. It is said that their lucky numbers were made up of a combination of family member’s birthdates. The pair of accomplished professionals from Kwa-Zulu Natal province listed fishing, skiing and mountain climbing as some of their favourite pastimes, so you can only imagine where their winnings took them.


A group of Facebook Friends, some of whom had never even met, have won on 80 separate occasions. Set up by Gary Schei, the syndicate aptly named Gary’s Payers is a group of 38 members. To date, they have won 79 smaller prizes and one big jackpot of £1.1 million. Some of the syndicate’s winners have paid off their debts or made extravagant purchases, however, Gary himself has allocated his winnings to paying off his mortgage and going on a holiday with his daughter.


In 2012 The Three Amigos became one of the best-known lottery syndicate wins of all time when they bagged a third of $656 million Jackpot in a Mega Millions draw. The group of friends from Maryland split $218,600 000. Find out more about their lucky ticket and other big wins here.


Syndicates can be made up of as little as two people and are so much fun to be a part of, not only does it increase your chances of winning and allow you access to a wider variety of lottery games but it also inspires a social aspect which will get you excited to see the winning numbers at each draw.

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