May 21, 2018
Lottery crime

How to get away with millions

You hear so many stories of how Lotto winners hit the jackpot and use their money wisely.However, statistics show that about 70% of lottery winners end up broke within 7 years and are faced with bankruptcy, jail time or worse, murder and suicide. There is no doubt that winning the lottery will Continue Reading
Feel good

An unusual way to spend lottery winnings

No matter where you come from and who you are, it is without a doubt almost everyone’s dream to win the lottery. Each of us has our own list of things that we would do if we were to win the lottery, many lists include donating to some charity or to some good cause. But it is […]Continue Reading
Feel good

From destitute to in the loot!

War tends to destroy many countries, unsettling their people and more often than not, leaving them desperate and destitute. From Syria, Senegal, Mali and Morocco we have some winners stories proving that against all odds, and with a little luck or a lottery jackpot, people can come out Continue Reading


Things are done a little differently in Spain! They have festivals where brave (or mad) thrill-seekers try to outrun rampaging bulls rush through the narrow streets of Pamplona, costumed townspeople jump over babies to ward off evil spirits and illness near Burgos, it is also home to the Continue Reading