September 27, 2021
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From destitute to in the loot!

From destitute to in the loot!

War tends to destroy many countries, unsettling their people and more often than not, leaving them desperate and destitute. From Syria, Senegal, Mali and Morocco we have some winners stories proving that against all odds, and with a little luck or a lottery jackpot, people can come out victorious. When a man flees a war-torn country to try and make a new life for himself and he manages to change his stars. Refugees who almost died crossing from Africa to Europe struggle to start a new life but manage to win and other migrants celebrate a happy Christmas indeed. These are stories that are bound to put a smile on your face. 



In 2011 a young man, in his thirties, left his home country of Syria to start a new life in France. There he worked as a labourer as many migrants do. This lucky man, who remains unnamed, purchased a scratchcard in June 2015 at an outlet in Seine-Saint-Denis, Paris. The man, when interviewed by the French daily newspaper, La Parisien, said that he had used some of his winnings to purchase an apartment, and has plans of opening his own restaurant. With the remainder of the winnings, he would like to bring the rest of his family from Syria to France. The very popular ‘one million euros’ scratchcards saw 215 winners in 2015 of which the Syrian refugee was one. The Syrian man wasn’t the only refugee to win the lottery. Another touching story is that of Ngame, who hails from Senegal.



Ngame, elGordo Lottery Winner 2015

In 2007, the Spanish coastguard saved the lives of many migrants, whose ship was sinking. Among those saved were 35-year-old, Ngame and his wife. They made a living by working as farm labourers and vegetable pickers as migrants often do in Almeria.


The couple, who often do not have € 5 between the two of them, managed to purchase a ticket for Spain’s Christmas Lottery ‘elGordo’, at a ticket outlet in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria.Find out more about ‘elGordo’ by clicking here.


The winning number for the 2015 ‘elGordo’ Lottery was 79140 which had appeared on 1,600 tickets in Roquetas de Mar, this lucky number saw Ngame and his wife win € 400,000. When interviewed, the currently out of work, Ngame was unsure of how they would spend their winnings. Ngame and his wife were one of 35 African migrants to have won a share in the 2015 Christmas Lottery. Their winners included migrants from Mali and Morocco.



Among the winners was Moroccan-born, Imanes Naamane, who agreed that her share of winnings would change the life of her family. In an interview by La Vos de Almeria the 18-year-old is said to have stated that her family was in trouble before but winning the lottery will allow them to do a lot of things, in fact, everything that they want to do.2015 saw some great lottery winners’ stories, especially for these Refugees whose lives have most definitely been transformed for the better. Winning lottery numbers can be a great blessing indeed.


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