October 23, 2021
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Lottery crime

Lottery Horror Story

Lottery Horror Story Winning the lottery is a dream of so many people. Most people endeavor to do good when winning the large lump sum of money, promising to donate to charities and to help those less fortunate. Sadly, this can potentially place the person in a situation that could cost them Continue Reading

What to do when you win the lottery

What to do when you win the lottery There are many stories out there on the various lottery jackpot winners, who they are, where they are from, where they purchased their winning tickets and what they ended up doing with their winnings. It is really wonderful reading all these positive stories Continue Reading
Lottery crime

Sidestepping a Scam

Sidestepping a Scam Lottery scams, along with the number of lottery players who have fallen prey to these scams, have increased substantially over the last few years. Scams, dishonest schemes or fraud wreak havoc in the lottery world.Fraudsters take advantage of the dreams of players worldwide Continue Reading