October 17, 2021
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Timing is everything in life and can be life altering. Too soon and you miss an opportunity, too late and you can misthat very same opportunity.


A warehouse worker from Bradley Stoke, in Bristol almost lost a life changing win, but he managed to avoid it in the nick of time. James Wilson, 28, was clearing out an old wallet when he came across on old, Euromillions ticket from a draw on March 28, 2014. He realised that he had not checked the numbers on the ticket so he decided to check the ticket and realised that he matched all 5 numbers in the draw.


As luck would have it, he found this ticket one day before it expired. His timing couldn’t have been any better. He said that he contacted National Lottery immediately once he realised that his numbers matched and that he only had one day left to claim, but the offices were closed and he was forced to wait until the next day. He managed to reach someone the next morning, who, much to his relief, confirmed that he was still entitled to the winnings. Coincidentally, the National Lottery had been searching for his missing ticket for the 6 months that they were waiting for it to be claimed. They had been appealing to the local community to check their tickets to ensure that they weren’t the winners in local newspapers. 


Interesting Fact All National Lottery players have 180 days to come forward and claim their prize from the day of the draw. After 2 weeks from any draw, for all claims over £50000 that are unclaimed, the national Lottery appeal to the public in the area in which the ticket was purchased. After the 180 day deadline the prize and any interest earned goes to the National Lottery Projects.


 James mentioned that he was recently married and was living with his wife in his parents’ home, but the winnings of £51,232.90 would really help the couple by giving them the opportunity to place a deposit down on their own home. He says that the discovery couldn’t have come at a better time for him and his new wife. They saved money for their wedding but didn’t have enough left for a house. He also wants to spoil his wife with a new car and get himself back into bike racing again. Winning any amount in a lottery can really change your life.

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