September 27, 2021



The 27th of October will see the last MegaMillions Lottery Draw in the current format, and the 31st of October will see the first draw with the new format.


But what does this mean for you?

  • Bigger Jackpots
  • Better Odds
  • Additional Payouts
  • More Mega Balls
  • Increased Price
  • More Options
  • More Millionaires
Mega Millions Logo

Mega Millions Logo

This means that the MegaMillions will now rival the Powerball in its race to offer the world record for the ‘biggest jackpot’.


The changes in detail:


BIGGER JACKPOTS: The minimum jackpot will increase from US $15 Million to US $40 Million


BETTER ODDS: The odds of winning a second tier prize will increase from 1 in 18 Million to 1 in 12 Million


ADDITIONAL PAYOUTS: Third tier prizes will double from US $5,000 to US $10,000 these increases will also be seen in tier five to nine.


MORE MEGA BALLS: Whereas the current number of Mega Balls is 12, the new game will have 25. Thus updating the board so that players can select 5 numbers from 1-70 and 1 number from 1-25.


PRICE INCREASE: The base cost of a new MegaMillions ticket will be double that of the old tickets.


MORE OPTIONS: A ‘Just the Jackpot’ option will be included as an option alongside the MegaMillions game. Players will, for a slightly discounted rate for two plays be able to play only for the Jackpot and will not be able to collect winnings based on lower number tiers.


MORE MILLIONAIRES: The abovementioned changes will bring about more winners and therefore result in more millionaires.


The charities that benefit from the MegaMillions Lottery will also receive increased funding as a result of the changes which will come into effect at the end of October. Prior to updates done to the Powerball Lottery to increase its Jackpots and Winners, the MegaMillions Lottery held the world record for the biggest payout of US $656 Million awarded to three lucky ticket holders back in 2012. (See the full story here). This world record was held for four years before the Powerball Jackpot rolled over to a whopping US $1.6 Billion, this jackpot too was won by three lucky ticket holders (read their story here), changing the face and expectations of lottery jackpots for ever! With the latest changes to the MegaMillions Lottery we will likely see not only more millionaires created but even more billionaires! Be sure to purchase your MegaMillions lottery ticket for the 31st October draw for your chance to win bigger Jackpots and make your dreams come true.

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