October 23, 2021
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Teen Wins Twice in One Week

Teen Wins Twice in One Week

We seem to be stumbling across a fair amount of stories about people who have won the lotto twice or, like a man in Detroit, even three times. And then this story of a teen who wins twice in one week!


I almost feel I should call them to see what they are doing that we are not. Maybe buying a ticket or scratch card would be a good start?


This lucky winner was just 19 when she won the lotto twice in a mere week! If you are suddenly reliving fantasies of your 19 year old self in her shoes, I don’t blame you.


Rosa Dominguez was driving home from Arizona when she decided to buy a few scratch cards from a gas station in Paso Robles. One of these, a $5 Power 5’s, was her ticket to the life-changing sum of $555 555. “I was so nervous I just wanted to cry,” she said. And who could blame her, I’d cry. I’d probably sit on the floor and sob my heart out. As if that wasn’t enough, a few days later whilst stopped at a gas station in Monterey County, she tossed caution to the wind and decided to try her luck with a $5 Lucky Fortune Scratcher.


Lo and behold, the ticket turned out to be worth the top prize of $100 000 and topped up Dominguez total winnings to a whopping $655 555. A fair sum for someone of her age to be handling, she collected her winnings from the California Lottery East Bay District Office in Hayward, near San Francisco. This teen indeed wins twice in the same week!


And what will this newly wealthy teen be doing with her winnings? Apparently, go shopping and buy herself a new car. Let’s hope she had the sense to invest the rest and secure a good nest egg for her future.

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