September 27, 2021

Little Known Lottery Facts

Little Known Lottery Facts

If like us, you love to know the in’s and out’s and weird and wonderful stories that go hand in hand with lotteries, then you will love these lottery facts.


The lottery has existed for hundreds of years and fascinated players around the world. The lure of winning the jackpot is almost impossible to resist, resulting in millions of players worldwide buying tickets in the hope that their dreams will come true. Hundreds of lottery options being played by a vast number of hopefuls around the globe has resulted in some fascinating lottery facts… In the United Kingdom, the National Lottery has been played for over 20 years.

In that time, it has paid out a phenomenal £53 Billion in winnings, making just over 3,600 millionaires.


The most unusual things winners have bought with their winnings?
A fireworks company, a narrowboat, and tarantulas.

A growing trend in lottery winners is the purchasing of new cars, with the average lottery winner buying 4.5 new cars for their family and friends.


One family from Tipton did not need to buy cars for each other – they merely needed to divide up their winnings of £3.25 million after beating the unthinkable odds of 350 billion to one by winning three separate jackpots. The family from Tipton wisely claimed their prize, whereas one unlucky player missed out on a jackpot of £63,837,543.60 – the largest unclaimed prize from the EuroMillions.


The National Lottery has been aired every week, with the exception of three occasions which called for utmost respect, namely the passing of Princess Diana of Wales, the passing of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, as well as the first anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.


Finally, the most drawn Lotto ball is 38, having appeared 314 times since the beginning of the National Lottery, with Lotto ball 13 being the least drawn since 1994.



 The United States of America boasts similar lottery facts, with the biggest unclaimed prize being $63 million in 2016 – the forfeited prize was donated to a number of schools in California instead.


The largest jackpot win was $1.5 billion split between three players in 2012, resulting in them each walking away with $590.5 million.


In 2014, a record $70 billion was spent on lottery tickets by players around the country, with only 44 states taking part in the lottery.


Players have the option of purchasing their tickets from over 240 000 different locations around the country – the largest number worldwide.


The odds of winning the lottery increased substantially in 2016 where only one in 292 million players stand the chance of hitting it big.


In spite of those odds, the National Lottery has produced over 3000 millionaires, most of whom have spent their winnings on purchasing new homes or renovating their current homes.


The second biggest way in which winners spend their winnings? Investments for the future – a truly wise way to provide security for family and friends in the long run.


While the odds may seem impossible, the numbers speak for themselves – winning the lottery is not a distant dream. In fact, the chances of the jackpot values increasing and winners experiencing a new reality is only a lottery ticket away.


Lottery facts may come and go, but one thing remains – winners are a reality, and you may just be next.


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