October 17, 2021

Winning the Lottery – Here’s How

How to win the lottery

The lottery has a reputation for being a game of chance in which the fate of players depends completely on numbers chosen at random.


Players select six numbers from a set of balls numbered between one and fifty, and wait in anticipation to see if the numbers selected match any of those picked. It is, in essence, a gamble. Or is it?


In order to stand a chance to win the lottery, a lottery ticket actually needs to be purchased. It seems like an obvious point, but the number of individuals who believe that they will be selected to win millions ‘by chance’ is oddly high. The principle is quite simple – the more tickets purchased, the greater the chances of winning!


how to win the lottery


Does the equipment have any part to play in which numbers are selected? In short, no. There are two types of Lotto machines used, namely the gravity pick machine and the air mix machine. Both are designed to produce random combinations of numbers, as well as always have the balls visible during the process of selection. These elements prevent tampering and ensure fairness to all players, causing players to rely entirely on their own selection of random numbers to impact their win.


While the winning number combinations are not pre-selected, the odds of picking a correct number have been calculated to be 8.33%. This is based on the fact that there are fifty numbers to choose from, and only six balls are picked, meaning that there are six opportunities for the correct number to be picked. So,  although picking the winning combination will take a bit more time and thought, the odds of getting at least one correct number are higher.


When it comes to picking a winning combination, there are a number of patterns to avoid. The first of these is to select the same numbers from a recent draw. While it may seem logical that those numbers enriched the lives of another player, the odds of that exact combination reoccurring in such a short period of time is unheard of. A second pattern to steer clear of is using birthdays as a selection. Not only does this selection limit your number choice from 1 to 31, but the number of players who use their birthday combinations increases your chances of sharing any winnings you receive should your numbers be picked. Selecting numbers that were predicted by a fortune teller or fortune cookie will likely end in disappointment. In these instances, several people may receive the same information, once again diminishing the grand total up for grabs.

lottery ticket - lottery network


Playing consistently not only increases the chances of winning, but allows players to get an idea of how many ways the winnings are split and the link between numbers and patterns. Selecting numbers at random may not be the wisest decision, but being consistent with your number selection in varied combinations gives a greater chance of winning.


While some players swear by particular rituals and methods of selection, fate often plays a bigger hand in selecting its next winner.


Keep on playing – you never know when it could be you!


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