January 23, 2022

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 2

15 Incredible Lottery Facts

There are some amazing stories, facts and drama in the world of Lottery. If you missed out on last week’s interesting lottery facts then see them here.

[Part 2]

  1. Even the Vatican City has lotteries!

At first the papacy was against lotteries in Rome. Popes Innocent XI and XII threatened Catholics with excommunication if they participated in the Italian lotteries, but the lotteries were still as popular as ever with the public. In 1732, the Holy See led by Pope Innocent XIII finally permitted the establishment of an official Roman lottery. Centuries later, the Vatican has more than warmed up to lotteries. Pope Francis, the current pope, held a lottery in January 2015, with funds going to charity. Later in that year another lottery was run to enable 350,000 pilgrims could see him talking in Philadelphia during a visit to the USA.


  1. The British Museum was created by lottery funds – and still benefits!

The Heritage Lottery fund gives grants to many British institutions with proceeds from the lottery. One of the world’s best museums was made possible because of the lottery! In 1753, England formed a lottery with the museums creation in mind. More than 250 years later the museum still receives funding in the form of heritage lottery fund grants.


  1. Lotteries are a whole lot older than you think

Lotteries have been a part of human history for at least 2114 years, the earliest forms of lottery can be traced as far back as 100 B.C in ancient Rome and the Han Dynasty in china. While no one can say definitively when lotteries began, they certainly are not a new concept. Read more here about the oldest lotteries that exists today.


  1. The United States of America was a lottery-funded project

The founding fathers of the US were founding fans of the lottery! Benjamin Franklin established a lottery to pay for a cannon in Philadelphia. George Washington set up many lotteries, though they never succeeded. Thomas Jefferson set up a private lottery to pay off debts. And in 1776, the Continental Congress established lotteries in order to fund the Colonial Army. No wonder Mega Millions and Powerball are so popular – playing the lottery is as patriotic as bald eagles and baseball!


  1. Sometimes lightning does strike twice or thrice

In Norway, three members of the Oksnes family won the lottery three times in six years. A man in Florida, James Bozeman JR. won the Florida lotto twice with tickets he bought at the same 7 eleven store. His total winnings were $13 million. A couple in Virginia won the lottery 3 times in one month. They won $1 million with a Powerball ticket on 12 March 2014, then again on 26 March $50.000 with a Virginia lottery pick 4 ticket, and yet another $1million with a Virginia lottery scratcher ticket the very next day. There are a lot of other examples of lottery luck to prove that people can win the lottery more than once! Read more stories like this here.


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