January 23, 2022

15 Incredible Lottery Facts – Part 3

15 Incredible Lottery Facts

(PART 3)

The lottery does change lives and make dreams come true, along with it are some very interesting facts and drama. Click here to see part one and two of this series of articles.


  1. Cop splits lotto ticket with waitress… and they win!  

Police detective Robert Cunningham was just about to leave a tip for Phyllis Penzo, who had been a waitress at his favourite restaurant for 24 years. Instead he offered her the following deal: split whatever the lottery ticket in his pocket might win them. She agreed and the rest is history, they won $6 million together and split the prize after deciding to receive annual payments of $285.715.


  1. An Australian syndicate in the US… in 1992!

An Australian syndicate group manually listed all possible outcomes for a 6/44 lottery in Virginia. They had to buy each ticket separately at the time so they only managed to buy about 5 million tickets at $1 each, out of the possible 7 million different combinations. That was good enough, as the syndicate managed to win the $27 million jackpot, bringing home a net profit of $23 million. Virginia lottery officials were so shocked when they heard what happened, that they wanted to place a ban on such strategies in the future. But the motion fell through and the only law that passed was that sales agents must take care of their clients in line before helping bulk lottery buyers.


  1. Man comes back from the dead to win scratch lottery, twice!

Bill Morgan, an Australian truck driver, suffered a fatal heart attack after being crushed in an accident in the late 90’s. For 14 minutes he was clinically dead a span of time which most people rarely recover from without neurological or brain damage. He refused to be a statistic and woke up from a medically induced coma after 12 days with all of his faculties perfectly intact. It wasn’t long after that Bill Morgan decided to buy a scratch off lottery ticket and ended up winning a car worth $17.0001. A local TV show asked him to re-enact the win for a story which was when he scratched off a ticket and won $170.000! Some people have asked him to try his luck for a 3rd time, but so far bill has refused.



  1. Math professor cracks the system, wins millions in scratch lottery

Joan Ginther is considered to be the luckiest woman in the world, after inning multi-million dollar prizes 4 times by playing scratch cards. Being a maths professor the assumption was that she managed to ‘crack the system’ Ginther has never granted an interview, but we do know all of her wins were in the Texas lotteries high stakes scratch card games, buying her scratch cards 3 times at the same vendor and once at a nearby town.


  1. Beating the odds: dying in a car crash or winning the jackpot?

In the USA according to the national centre for health statistics, the odds of fatal injuries while driving are about 1 in 6700 while the odds of winning the jackpot at any lottery are much lower.

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One last incredible lottery fact:

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