October 17, 2021

Living Large

Living Large

Dreaming big and living large is rarely a problem for those who have reached optimum success and have a bit of extra cash lying around. What to do with all that spare change, you may ask? Below, we have listed some of the most extravagant ideas and high-end items you have ever seen.


Pimp out your crib



While curb appeal is important, a mansion isn’t truly a show stopper until you clad your internal staircase in gold.  Can you really put a price on ascending in style? While you’re upstairs every girl needs a closet large enough to accommodate her wardrobe. Socialite Theresa Roemer has solved this problem by installing a closet three storeys high, 3000 square feet in size and modelled on her favourite department store. For an additional $2.5 million you can pimp out your mega mansion with a private theatre complete with candy bar and ice cream parlor – just think- you will never have to queue for popcorn again!





Stuart Hughes, a British luxurious jeweller, recreated an iPhone 5 model made from 24-carat gold, 600 precious stones, and a 26-carat black diamond that now acts as a “home” button.  Setting you back $15.3 million, this must-have accessory will definitely set you apart from the crowd. 


Pampering your pets 



At 3.2 million you can bling your pet out with a diamond collar. The most expensive model, created by I Love Dogs Diamonds, features 3 tiers of diamonds in the chandelier design and 1,600 diamonds on the collar. Or you could install a custom Swarovski crystal encrusted doggy bathtub at a mere $45 000.


Alternative modes of transport



Bored of your sports car? Why not invest in a gold bicycle covered with a lustrous layer of 24-karat gold. For the exquisite price of $500,000 you can own this equally exquisite bike.

And why should stylish transportation be confined to the road?  For $58 000 you can be transported in style around the golf course in your very own golf cart hovercraft. No more bumping over the course for you, now you can glide on a cushion of air over the fairways and the rough.


Relax and Unwind



Vacations have never been more fun than with an unlimited bank account.  Safaris are no longer restricted to uncomfortable jeep rides.  For $80 000 the elite have the option of taking a three-week private jet tour of Africa including luxury tented accommodation, private chefs, hot air balloon rides and bottomless champagne.  Out in the middle of nowhere? No problem, you can have champagne delivered via parachute. You know you have made it when the best vacation literally includes bubbly falling from the sky!


What do you buy for the person who has everything? These unusual gifts may just do the trick


  • A Gold Monopoly Set. The 18-karat gold and jewel-encrusted Monopoly set crafted by San Francisco jeweller Sidney Mobell in 1988 is estimated to be worth $2 million.
  • A Crystal-covered computer mouse. At $34,000 a luxurious mouse decorated with white Austrian strass and Swarovski crystals will add pizazz to any desk.
  • A $1 Million dollar fishing lure for the fisherman in your life. Made of three pounds of gold and platinum, and encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds and rubies, guaranteed to be the best looking lure in the water.
  • A Martian rock. There are only 132 Martian meteorites known to scientists which is why a small piece of space could set you back around $450 000 per rock.
  • A lock of Elvis Presley´s hair. Gill Gilleland, Elvis Presley’s barber, kept locks of the singer’s hair after Presley’s death.  In November 2002, one of the locks sold for $115 000 at auction.
  • A Million dollar perfume. The DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle has elevated perfume to another level. Containing almost 3,000 precious stones arranged to the shape of New York City skyline, this perfume costs exactly 1 million dollars.


It is said that one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor; we think it’s time to raise the roof. 

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