October 17, 2021
Unlucky winners

Mickey Carol, Also known as the lotto lout

It is possible that we will be writing about Mickey Carol, the self styled "King of Chavs" or more appropriately, the lotto lout, for years to come. His story is mind boggling and too good not to write about.

Fly on the wall documentary chronicling the former lottery winner and media spot lit Michael Carroll who was nick named the lotto lout by the press, and was the self proclaimed king of chavs. Ten years ago he won £9.7 million and notoriously spent it all on drugs, booze, prostitutes and banger racing and gave away £4 million of his winnings to friends and family.

Banger Cars

Michael held a banger race at his home in Swaffham and upset his neighbours. 

michael carrol banger racing

Banger racing is a type of motorsport event popular in the United Kingdom. Old scrap vehicles are raced against one another, with the winner being the first to the chequered flag. Mr Carrol of course decided to have a 24 hour banger race in his garden. This was well documented in 2003 and you can still read the article here

The lout destroyed his home

As you can imagine, Michael had no care in the world and no desire to look after anything he bought with his lottery win as the following photos of his house will show.

Trashed home of lotto lout Michael Carool

Not only did the lout destroy the outside of his home, he also completely trashed the interior...

lotto lout destroyed room

Please note, images courtesy of The Sun

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