January 23, 2022
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Smart and Rich

Smart and Rich

On what appeared to be just another quiet Tuesday, Jim McCullar woke his wife, Carolyn, at 11pm. Noticing that he was pale and shaking, she immediately went into panic mode, being worried that her precious husband was having another heart attack. Carolyn had reason to be concerned as Jim, then aged 68, had just come back from numerous hospital stays where he had been pronounced dead three times.


But it turns out life wasn’t finished with Jim McCullar yet. A few moments before waking Carolyn, Jim had been watching television and switched over to catch the weather on KHQ. Jim recalls the moment where he believes Stephanie Vigil looked him right in the eye and said, “This is what you’ve been waiting for, The Mega Million Dollar lottery numbers”. As she read off the six numbers, Jim immediately knew they’d won because those were the numbers the couple always played: the couple’s birthdays. The winning numbers were 4, 8, 15, 25 and 47, with the Mega ball number of 42.


At a press conference, Jim shared that he had been lucky three times in his life. He said the first was marrying his beautiful wife and the second was winning $18,650 at Keno. Not only is he one of the luckiest men in America but he’s one of the smartest too. When accepting the check at a press conference he promptly handed it over to his wife, claiming that after 41 years of marriage, he knew exactly what he had to do with the check!


Photo Credit: Daily Mail


At the prize giving ceremony, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire was on hand to congratulate the McClullars and joked that she might ask the family to help with the states multibillion dollar budget deficit. Jim reportedly responded by saying that his budget was all he could worry about right now, however he did invite her to go golfing.


The jackpot had reached a record high of $355 million after fifteen consecutive draws without a winner. After feverish sales the officials then increased the jackpot to a staggering $380 million, half of which Jim shared with only one other winner.


The McCullars didn’t have any initial plans for the money.  They expressed their desire to help a family member with large medical bills and make some bigger contributions to charities they’ve been involved with for some years. The couple share that they have been through tough times but always believed God would get them through it.  They also intend to make arrangements so that their six children, twenty-three grandchildren, and at the time of winning, five great-grandchildren will never have to worry.


You just never know what life will throw at you. When those lucky days arrive, may Jim McCullar’s humorous wisdom inspire you do to great things with your newfound riches!


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