October 17, 2021
Big lottery winners

Community Minded Millionaires

Community Minded Millionaires

In 2011, Scottish couple Colin and Christine Weir were catapulted into the spotlight when they won a whopping £161 million, making them two of the nation’s richest people. Being completely overwhelmed and in shock following their life-changing win, the couple headed off for a short break on England’s south coast to the beautiful town of Brighton.


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Speaking of their first purchases, Christine shared that they bought a computer to take with them on holiday. The idea was that they could be holed up somewhere because they were terrified of begging letters from friends and family, and the computer would assist them with the business they had to do and decisions they had to make.


The couple eventually decided to go public with their big win over fears that they, and their two adult children, would have been mistaken for cash-laden gangsters. Christine also said that she could not have coped with spinning a web of lies in order to keep their fortune a secret.


A month after their win, the couple purchased a new house with a modest price tag of just £850,000. Colin revealed he’d forked out for a tractor to help tend his sprawling estate and during the next few years, he oversaw the restoration of the house and gardens. Colin joked that they have come out of retirement into full-time jobs!


Since that purchase, the couple moved on again in 2016, this time to Frognal House in Troon.  Frognal House was built in 1909 for an Indian tea planter and is situated on 32-acres of land. After viewing it for a mere ten minutes, the Weirs parted with a cool £3.5 million, which included all the furniture and fittings. Bill Costly, who lived in the stately home for seven years, told the Ayreshire Post that he almost just walked out with four pairs of underpants.


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Daily Mail

Daily Mail


The humble couple claimed that the windfall wouldn’t change them and it seems like they’re people of their word. The pair are known for their commitment to the local community and since their win, have helped to change the lives of many people.  The couple established the Weir Charitable Trust to support Scottish-based community groups and encourage the advancement of society.  They’ve invested heavily in the Patrick Thistle Football Club and have even waded into politics, becoming some of the UK’s biggest political donors. The big-hearted Weirs have gifted homes to stunned family and friends.


The couple’s biggest challenge? They share that the first year was all about learning to strike a balance between enjoying their new life while learning to recognise the real difference they could make to others.


Colin and Christine think that it was their destiny to win the massive sum of money. Christine stated that she believes that things do happen for a reason and that with great wealth comes great responsibility. This Scottish couple are certainly committed to sharing their good fortune, and many lives have been transformed as a result.


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