October 26, 2021
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Dating Like a Billionaire

Dating Like a Billionaire

We often here the phrase ‘party like a rock star’ but there are the lucky few amongst us that can actually party even better than a rock star.  Have you ever wonder how the world’s super elite spend their leisure time?  Should you ever be lucky enough to strike it seriously rich here are some exclusive ideas for date night:


  1. A Private Concert in a Volcano


This has to be the hottest reservation you could ever make. After descending into Thrihnukagigur Volcano in Iceland, you will find the most exclusive table set just for you. Feast on Icelandic delicacies as you sit back and enjoy a music extravaganza. This date is sure to turn up the heat!


  1. The Opera Garnier


This magical opera house has been entertaining people since its inception in 1870 but only the elite have ever had the rare privilege of a private ballet performance. You can take a tour of the opera house exploring the 19th century machinery that still operates today, and the famed water tank. You will be granted access to the Foyer de la Danse, once the meeting place for select members of Parisian high that wanted to meet the artists of the Opera.  Here in this grand room with all its history and splendour you will be treated to a private ballet concert followed by a champagne reception. From $2673 per couple, this is sure to be an experience of a lifetime!


  1. Dine on the Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China is a lasting symbol of China’s imperial prowess. You can soar over this magnificent monument by helicopter before landing on a well preserved turret to find a 3-course dinner waiting for you. A Great Wall conservationist will be your guest of honour enthralling you with tales of the wall’s fascinating history whilst you sip on champagne and watch the sun go down.


  1. Sublimotion, Ibiza


This Ibizan restaurant is part high end eatery and part theatrical experience.  Each evening 12 diners, sitting at a single, neon lit, communal table are transported to another world. The 20 course meal is not the only sensory experience – room temperature, humidity, musical accompaniment and even scents are all altered to suit each dish.


And just in case you ever needed that perfect venue for your significant others surprise birthday bash you can’t go wrong with our last recommendation.


  1. Laucala Isalnd, Fiji


For the ultimate private party why book out a restaurant when you can rent an entire island for your own exclusive use?  Laucala Island can accommodate 72 people in 24 tropical villas. All meals and drinks are included at the islands five restaurants and bars where top international chefs can tailor theme menus on request.   All guests are treated to a 90 minute spa experience and, should you choose, there’s even a Fijian feast complete with native dancing and singing. Other activities include a round of golf on the 18-hole championship course, to classes in more traditional crafts such as cooking, basket weaving and wood carving.


Money may not buy happiness but it certainly does allow you to access some unique experiences.  If you’re lucky enough to have found that special someone to share these moments with, then you may just be the ‘wealthiest’ person in the world.

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