October 23, 2021
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When Luck Turns

When Luck Turns


Bill was an ordinary Australian man; a 30-something truck driver living in a trailer park with his long-time girlfriend, Lisa Wells.


One ordinary day, Bill went to work as per normal but on this day, he ended up being crushed in a truck accident and suffering a near fatal heart attack. Miraculously surviving both the accident and the heart attack, he was rushed to hospital and as his luck would have it, had an allergic reaction to the medication he was given. The reaction saw him clinically dead for 14 minutes. Amazingly, the doctors managed to revive him, but Bill was left in a deep coma. Doctors warned of the dangers of having his heart stop for so long – severe brain damage that would leave him in a vegetative state. The doctors twice advised his family to remove him from life support with little hope that he would wake up at all. He remained in the coma for just 12 days before waking up suddenly. His family prepared for the worst, yet somehow he was awake and absolutely unscathed!


With his near death experience and a new lease on life, Bill changed jobs and within a year had asked his girlfriend to marry him. Of course, she said yes. Happily alive and newly engaged, he decided to see how far his lucky streak would stretch and bought a scratch off lottery ticket. Bill was amazed when he won a car worth $17 000. Now, normally this wouldn’t have caught much attention but his near death story followed by such a lucky streak caught the attention of a local Melbourne news station. They asked him to do a re-enactment of his lucky car win on camera and Bill eagerly agreed. On the day of filming Bill was handed another scratch-off lottery card but instead of turning toward the camera and proclaiming he’d won a car, he exclaimed something completely different – “I just won $250,000. I am not joking. I just won $250,000.” Bill had just won the lottery on live television!



He immediately called his fiancé to tell her and proclaimed that he could finally buy his bride a house. From being crushed in a truck accident, to suffering a heart attack and ending up in a coma, to winning the lottery not once, but twice – Bill’s luck definitely seemed to have turned around. He gave up on the scratch cards after his second win and said that his only wish was for continuing health and happiness, a sentiment his fiancé, Lisa, shared. “I just hope he hasn’t used all his good luck up,” Lisa, said.


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