October 17, 2021
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Holidays Destinations for the Rich and Famous

Holidays Destinations for the Rich and Famous

If there is one thing the rich and famous are…well, famous for, it’s probably vacationing in some of the top spots in the world. So whilst most of us can’t even afford a trip to the nearest border, we can certainly fantasize about the top holiday destinations for the rich and famous.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
This Mexican resort area is loved for its proximity, a mere two hour flight from California’s entertainment capital, as well as its exclusivity. Surrounded by gorgeous beaches, luxury seaside resorts, 5-star Michelin rated restaurants, exciting nightlife, world class spas and golf courses, it’s no wonder this is a millionaire hotspot. You could easily rub shoulders with well-known celebrities in hotels. If your wallet will allow, look for Capella Pedregal, Ridge Luxury Villas, Hacienda Beach Club, Casa Dorado, and Hotel El Ganzo. Standard amenities include infinity pools, five star restaurants, and your very own private butler.


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St Barths
Saint Barthélemy, known better as St Barths, is a Caribbean Island located in the West Indies. Besides its exquisite natural beauty, the appeal for the rich and famous is its low-key nature – security is imperative and local authorities won’t allow the tiny island’s tourist life to expand exponentially, keeping it expensive and exclusive. It’s also a hop, skip, and a jump away from Miami with a flight taking only two hours, or you could dock your luxury yacht at Gustavia port without issue. Activities on the island include windsurfing, jet skiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, shopping for designer fashion, and sampling excellent French cuisine.

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St Moritz, Switzerland
When the rich get bored of the sun and sea, they head out to the snowy white slopes of St Moritz.


Here you’ll find them skiing, lake sailing, being pampered at luxury spas, fine dining on the mountaintop, or gliding in a seaplane over the awe-inspiring Swiss Alps. Others might be found shopping at exclusive stores such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Versace, and Roberto Cavalli. St Moritz boasts beautiful views and exclusive celebrity hotspots such as Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, Break 7, Roo Bar, Hanselmann tea room, and the Polo World Cup. Whilst a little further to travel, peak season sees the airport bring in more than 40 private jets per day. Clearly a day trip to this exclusive resort is not an issue for the rich and famous.


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Majorca, Spain
When the rich want less lazy beach and more culture, this is the place they flock to. Majorca is a beautiful island situated in the Mediterranean and well known for its beach resorts, sheltered coves, ancient ruins, art galleries, and music festival. With more sunshine than anyone could wish for, chic boutiques, 5-star restaurants, and pure laid back, luxe lifestyle one can see why the rich and famous would want to stay here. In fact, many have loved it so much that they’ve bought homes in Majorca. Celebrities can be found lazing on beaches such as Es Trenc or Mondrago, or relaxing at the chic Karma Bar, Michelin-starred restaurant Tristán, Sa Punta Restaurant or Bar Abaco. The best hotel? Apparently Iberostar Calla Millor. Not so close for those in the USA but luckily only a two hour flight from the UK; and there is even a separate terminal just for private jets. Or one could simply stay home on a luxury yacht docked in the marina of Puerto Portals, right alongside designer stores.


Picture from luxurytechandtravel.com

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