January 23, 2022

Which Country has the most Euro Millions Winners

Which Country has the most Euro Millions Winners

Euro Millions
The Euro Millions is the largest euro lottery to date and has had a whopping 2 470 649 582 winners across all tiers since its first draw on Friday 13 February 2004. It was established by the UK National Lottery (Camelot), France’s Francaise des Jeux and Spain’s Apuestas Del Estado.  When it officially launched, it included only the UK, France, and Spain but has since grown to include 9 European countries and 4 smaller principalities in total.


There have been hundreds of jackpot winners with other lucky players winning between €16 million and the maximum €190 million.  The top 10 EuroMillions Jackpot winners have won between €163 million and €190 million.


Euro Millions Lottery
The EuroMillions can be played by anyone! The lottery rules page states no restriction on the nationality of the ticket buyer – tourists and non-residents are just as eligible to participate – and tickets can be bought online or are currently available for purchase in the following countries:


Andorra, Austria, Belgium, France (including their overseas regions), Ireland, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK.


The age restriction varies by country but the majority will not allow those younger than 18 years of age to play. Countries such as the UK allow those 16 years and older to play.  The player is required to choose seven numbers; five main numbers ranging from 1 to 50, and two lucky Star numbers ranging from 1 to 12. To become a lucky jackpot winner, a player must match all 7 numbers on their card. With exception to Switzlerand, Spain, and Portugal, all prizes, including the jackpot, are absolutely tax-free and are paid out as one lump sum. This means no small payments every month for years on end.



Euro Millions Top Country
Since the start in 2004, statistics show that France takes the lead with the most jackpot winners – 79 top tier winners in total. Spain follows closely in second place with 77 whilst Portugal and the UK are third and fourth with 59 and 58 respectively. The nation with the fewest EuroMillions jackpot winners is Luxembourg with just two winners.


When looking at the top countries we need to factor in that some countries joined the EuroMillions before others – such as the UK, France, and Spain being founding members. We also need to take into consideration that there are huge differences in population levels between the 9 countries and 4 principalities. Obviously the larger countries would sell more tickets due to having a larger population and therefor produce more jackpot winners. For example, France, who sits at number one, has approximately 66 million residents whilst Luxembourg, last on the list, only has around 580 000 residents!


If we look at jackpot winners per head, we could probably get a more accurate reading of the top countries. So if we look at France with its approximate 66 million inhabitants and Luxembourg with its approximate 580 000 inhabitants – although Luxembourg has the lowest number of winners it actually boasts one jackpot per 295 333 people whilst France has only one win per 777 425 people. In this case, the country with the most successful EuroMillions wins per person is actually Portugal, with one jackpot winner for every 156 205 people.


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