October 23, 2021
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South African Mom wins R58 Million

South African Mom wins R58 Million

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a winning lotto ticket?! One lucky South African mom did just that on the 12th May 2018.


The 56 year-old woman, who chose to remain anonymous, was the sole winner of the R58 million South African lotto jackpot. She said that although she often played Powerball she rarely entered the lotto; however, after seeing the lotto jackpot amount, she started daydreaming about how such a large amount of money could change her life. That Friday, she went out for supper with her husband, insisting on the way home that he stop so she could buy a lotto ticket. She bought the ticket and promptly placed it in her purse, forgetting about it until the following morning.


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On Saturday 12th May, the woman checked the National Lottery website and saw that only one person had won the jackpot. She and her husband headed out to a Mother’s Day celebration at their daughter’s house and decided to stop at a local retail store to check the ticket.


“When I inserted my ticket into the machine to check if I had won anything, the machine issued a little slip with a note that read: ‘Please contact the National Lottery head office’” she said. When she asked the cashiers for more information, they suggested she go to the Post Office. She decided instead to head over to her daughter’s house where she asked her son to check her ticket. He excitedly confirmed that her ticket matched all six winning numbers and immediately told her to write her name and ID number on the back.


The woman said that she was so shocked, her whole body went numb and all she could do was drink her gin!


The lucky mom from Cape Town said that she planned to continue working for the following six months in order to facilitate a smooth handover at work before taking an early retirement. She also stated that this would give her time to really think about how she would handle her large winnings. Ideally, she said that she would like to invest about 90% of her winnings and live off the investments for the rest of her life. The Cape Town mom said, “I am fortunate that I already have a comfortable life”, but we know that winning such a huge jackpot will most certainly change her life from comfortable to luxurious!


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