September 27, 2021
Big lottery winners

Biggest Jackpot Winner in US History

Biggest Jackpot Winner in US History


Imagine being the sole ticket holder for one of the biggest jackpots in US lotto history. Imagine for a second how your life would change. For Mavis L Wanczyk, winning one of the largest US lotto jackpots through Powerball was also a dream – until late August 2017.


Mavis was an ordinary woman from Chicopee, Massachusetts. She worked in patient care at Mercy Medical Center, as she had done for the last 32 years of her life. The divorced mother of two bought her ticket at Pride Station and Store and found out she’d won when a colleague read the winning numbers off the newspaper on their way home. Mavis said she was in shock when she found out she’d won $758.7 million, but the 53 year old wasted no time!


The first thing lotto winners are advised to do is keep quiet and take some time but Mavis garnered a lot of media attention when she stepped forward in less than 24 hours with no attempt to hide her identity. She opted for the lump sum, taking home a massive $336 million after taxes. She then called up her job and quit, settling in for the early retirement she had been dreaming of. When asked, she said she was most definitely going to take time off and relax.


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With $336 million to her name, Mavis became one of the richest people in the US. In fact, she is richer than some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities! Leonardo DiCaprio’s net worth is an estimated $245 million whilst even Mick Jagger only sits on roughly $305 million. She’s also richer than Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, who has a net worth of around $200 million.


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So where is she now and has she dealt better with the pressures of becoming an overnight millionaire than she did with her choice to immediately come forth without protect her identity?


By the looks of it, Mavis’ choice to come forward so quickly was out of shock more than anything else. She stated at a news conference, “I’m scared, but I’ll be okay. I just want to be me and just be alone and figure out what I want to do.”


After winning and collecting her prize the police had to set up a team of security officials in her neighbourhood to monitor her home. Apparently there were reports of people knocking on doors asking if she lived there. There was also a surge of fake social media accounts offering cash to those who shared their personal information via private message. Media was another problem hounding Mavis and her home. In the end it looks like she did a good job of retreating from the public eye as nothing can be found on Mavis L. Wanczyk in recent online news. Her current whereabouts and status are both unknown.


Mavis won using numbers based on important family dates – 6, 7, 16, 23, 16, and a Powerball of 4.


Besides her lucky jackpot win, almost 10 million additional tickets won prizes totalling more than $135 million. Six other people won $2 million each and 34 more won $1 million.


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