September 27, 2021
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The Biggest Lottery Jackpots in History

The Biggest Lottery Jackpots in History


Holding the winning lotto ticket is something millions of us dream of, but for a lucky few the dream becomes a reality. With lottery jackpots hitting all-time highs we take a look at some of the biggest lottery jackpots in history as well as the upcoming high jackpots, just in time for you to stand a chance to become the very next million – or billionaire.


The biggest lottery jackpots are found in America with plenty of winners claiming close to a billion dollars, if not more. The most recent record jackpot was won on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 where one ticket holder found themselves a whopping $1.537 billion richer. The ticket was bought at KC Mart in Simpsonville, South Carolina and has to be the largest amount won by any single ticket in the history of the lottery.


The winner could choose annual instalments over 29 years, or take the lump-sum cash valued at $877.8 million. To put the amount into perspective – the $1.5 billion winner could afford to give roughly $307 to each of the states five million people! As of the 15th November 2018 there was still no claim on the prize money. If no one comes forward the money goes into an unclaimed prize fund in South Carolina that supports education. South Carolina is one of only eight states that allow winners to remain anonymous and each winner has up to 180 days to claim their prize money.


Another huge jackpot win was $1.586 billion from Powerball in January 2016. The prize money was shared by three ticket holders; one in California, one in Florida, and one in Tennessee. The winners were John and Lisa Robinson of Munford, Tennessee, David Kaltschmidt and Maureen Smith from Melbourne Beach Florida, and Marvin and Mae Acosta of Chino Hills, California. Each of the couples chose the lump-sum payout of $327.8 million.



Another record holding jackpot win took place in August 2017. Mavis L Wanczyk from Chicopee, Massachusetts won a staggering $758.7 million and claimed the lump-sum cash payment of roughly $336 million after taxes. She immediately quit her job and found the early retirement she had always dreamed of.


Riding hot on the heels of the 23rd October 2018 win, another jackpot hit $687.8 million on 27th October 2018 and was won by two ticket holders. Robert Bailey, a 67-year old retired postal worker from New York claimed his lump-sum payout of about $125.4 million after tax. The other winner, a 51 year-old mother of three from Iowa claimed her winnings of $140.6 million. The amounts differed due to different state tax rates.


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If you’d like to try your hand at making history and becoming the next big jackpot winner, here are a few of the latest jackpots for 2018:


  • US Mega Millions: $208 million jackpot for the 4th December
  • US Powerball: $200 million jackpot for the 5th December
  • Italy SuperEna Max: €285 million jackpot for the 4th December
  • Italy Superstar: €74.1 million jackpot for the 4th December
  • Italy SuperEnalotto: €72.1 million jackpot for the 4th December
  • Spain La Primitiva: €64 million jackpot for the 6th December


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