October 20, 2021
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Lives of the Rich and Famous – Richard Branson

Lives of the Rich and Famous – Richard Branson

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Many of us “ordinary” folk dream of what it would be like to win the lottery, to join in the ranks of the rich and famous and never have to worry about paying the bills again. We thought it would be super cool to look into the lives of some of the rich and famous in the world, just in case we one day need to figure out how to lead super wealthy lives ourselves!


Richard Branson started making his fortune at the age of 16, after dropping out of high school due to dyslexia issues. Through hard work and perseverance he eventually came to own of the world’s most well-known conglomerates, the Virgin Group. I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of his business ideas around – Virgin Mobile, or Virgin Atlantic, or even Virgin Galactic, his space-tourism company.


Overall, Richard Branson is not the flashy, frivolous type but rather a down-to-earth billionaire, a trait he probably has as a result of being self-made and growing up in a middle-class family. In fact, he says he feels embarrassed by showy displays of wealth and buying frivolous items just for the “pure luxury” of it. Most of his indulgent spends have been towards investment, such as his island home which he lives on and rents out, or the other eight guest properties he owns in various parts of the world and rents out under Virgin Limited Edition. Even the yacht he bought in 2009 was used as a charter and eventually sold – and the mini-submarine he bought. In 2002 and he was even still paying a mortgage, because he said it made economic sense to do so. He does however own his own private plane which apparently cost $21 million and allows him to jet around. Richard also drives a Range Rover which he is gifted every year from the brand.


But Richard isn’t only about business, he also likes to set records and achieve personal goals. He is the eighth richest man in the UK and his estimated net worth of $5 billion allows him to take on whichever eccentric plan he has up his sleeve, as well as dedicate around 80% of his time to philanthropic pursuits.


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So what does an average day in the life of Richard Branson look like? We tracked down a blog post on Virgin.com from Richard Branson himself:


He wakes up bright and early, around 5am, and dives straight into some exercise – his favourites are tennis, a walk or run, bike ride, or kitesurfing. After his exercise has breakfast and spend some quality time with his family. For Richard, exercise and family time are a perfect start to the day as it sets up a great mind frame for the rest of the day’s goals.


Waking up early also means he gets to log on before the masses do, and has time to connect with his company offices overseas as well as catch up on emails, phone calls, and a bit of global news. Richard loves staying connected, having “an ear on the ground in all corners of the globe.” He attends meetings, but not the formal, stuffy type. Richard prefers a shared meal or walking meeting rather than a boardroom sit-down. Oh and he hates ties.


Tea is his energy source, drinking around 20 cups as he goes about his day. At the end of it all he likes to have a group dinner full of shared stories and ideas, and then he gets to bed around 11pm, making sure to get at least 6 hours of decent sleep. His favourite food is surprisingly simple; egg sandwiches, his wife’s stews or shepherd’s pie, or a typical British roast dinner.


But this isn’t to say every day is the same. Richard has done some pretty awesome things, including being the first in a hot-air balloon to cross the Atlantic in 1987 and the Pacific in 1991. He was also knighted in 1999 by the Queen of England herself, and ran a marathon in 2010 dressed as a butterfly – you really can’t call him dull! He also lives on his very own private island, Necker Island, which is situated in the British Virgin Isles, and practices yoga and Thai Chi on a regular basis in order to stay calm and focused.


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If you were the next to win the lotto jackpot, we wonder, would you follow in the down-to-earth footsteps of Richard Branson?


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