October 23, 2021
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Jane Park – Youngest EuroMillions Winner

Jane Park – Youngest EuroMillions Winner

Playing lotteries has become so easy and millions of players buy tickets hoping to win a whopping jackpot and turn their ordinary lives into ones of glitz and glamour, or even just being able to pay the bills and live a comfortable life without worry.  With the growth of online lotteries, almost anyone can play, from anywhere in the world, aiming for jackpots from £I million to mind-blowing amounts such as $1.586 billion.


One thing is for sure – if you are the lucky winner of a jackpot you can count yourself amongst the elite group of eccentric winners the world over. One such lucky winner, and one of the most famous (or infamous), is Jane Park.


Jane Park lived with her mother, Linda, in a small two-bedroom council flat in Edinburgh. Linda worked as an administrator for a charity organization and there was no money to spare for Jane to pursue a college education. At the age of 16 Jane started working part time to help her mom make ends meet. Jane Park enjoyed her £8-an-hour temp admin job but one day in 2013 she noticed a sign outside a small newsagent advertising a lotto jackpot and enticing players with promises of a better life. She needed little convincing and bought her very first lotto ticket.


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Image from dailymail.co.uk


At the age of 17, and with a stroke of beginners luck, Jane Park scooped up a £1 million jackpot prize with her very first lotto ticket, becoming Britain’s youngest EuroMillions jackpot winner ever! Being so young, and of course posting about her win on Facebook in typical teen style, immediately thrust her into the spotlight with many speculating that she would simply squander her winnings due to her age and subsequent lack of financial wisdom.


Within the first few weeks of winning the jackpot, Jane said she was feeling overwhelmed. The pressure of not knowing what to do with such a sudden and large amount of money (especially at such a young age), the publicity she had solicited via her very public announcements, and the harassment she was receiving from people all over the place was all feeling a bit much. Jane Park seemed to be remaining humble and grounded, stating that she wouldn’t go and stay in a fancy hotel just because she now had the money. She reportedly stated that she simply had “ordinary tastes”.


Fast forward a tiny bit and even with the support and help of a financial advisor, Jane Park seemed to have changed her mind and suddenly stories of her bid to win into the elite circles were ravaging online news. She accepted invitations to any TV channel asking her to take part in entertainment programs and even agreed to star in a BBC documentary – Teenage Millionaire: The Year I Won the Lottery.


jane park

Image from dailystar.co.uk


Since then stories of her frivolous spending and outrageous behaviour have spread like wildfire. She bought two mansions but she eventually decided to sell one and rent the other out so she could move back home with her mom. Jane Park went on to spend lavish amounts on first class tickets to America and the Maldives, designer gear, a tiny Chihuahua called Princess, expensive gifts which she showered on her friends and family, oh and a personal fleet of cars including a VW Beetle, a BMW and a Mercedes. All this by 2014.


In 2015 she moved on to plastic surgery, walking around with fatter lips, correcting her nose and having her breasts done. She started up an Instagram account to flaunt her new life and grew an incredible social media presence. She seems to thrive off the fame and attention, making sure to move in elite circles with her new status.


Then Jane Park started getting into trouble with reckless behaviour – racking up a DUI charge, some apparent botch-up with a bum lift, and a scandalous TV show. She also tried to sue the Camelot group for ruining her life, claiming her lifestyle has been due to stress and trying to cope with it all.


2017 saw her change her tone a bit, dressing more elegantly and saying that she has had enough of the shallow life, wishing to pursue an education and perhaps start her own business.


Where is she now? Well, the latest rumours are of her offering around £60 000 for someone to date her, so she still seems to be living her normal rich and famous lifestyle. All I can say is that she must be doing something right to still be living such a lavish life. Perhaps amidst all the raunchy gossip and publicity she has actually invested wisely and is having the last laugh.


Whether you want to live a lifestyle of expensive designer gear and lavish holidays or a quieter life of sensible investments and comfortable living, winning the jackpot can definitely change your life.


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