September 27, 2021
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Mother of Five Manifests Lotto Win

Mother of Five Manifests Lotto Win

Cynthia Stafford was an ordinary, fun-loving, single woman from California who worked as an account executive for a computer technology firm. However, her life changed drastically after her youngest brother was in a fatal car accident with a drunk, underage driver. Cynthia took the children, ranging from eight to seventeen years old, from foster care and vowed to raise them herself. During the next ten years, Cynthia struggled between raising five children on her own in a 1 100 square foot house and helping her dad out financially when she could. In April 2007, finances were tight and Cynthia was about to lose her home after just losing the children back to foster care but instead of delving into a deep depression, Cynthia knew she needed to remain positive and her attitude soon manifested her dreams.


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On Mother’s Day, May 11 2007, Cynthia won an incredible $112 million jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery. She recalled that she simply stood there and cried for a minute at the magic of the power of positive thinking. You see, Cynthia played the lottery about two or three times a month and had meditated, seeing the sum of $112 million pop into her head seemingly out of nowhere. For months she had visualized winning that amount. She said that she imagined herself holding the check with $112 million written on it, that she even imagined wearing her favourite green top and how happy she felt holding the check. Cynthia has been a believer of manifestation and positive thinking since she was a child and fully believes that “as you think, so shall it be”. She says that she knew she would win the amount, she just didn’t know when. And what a blessing it was!

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The lucky winner was able to hire a lawyer and fight the system in order to get the children back – which she did within the time frame she had set out, thanks again to manifesting and positivity. Her next step was to buy a bigger property; one with a pool just like the kids had asked for. She then upgraded her car to a Mercedes-Benz R-Class, set up college funds for all five children and donated to charities which she had always admired. Cynthia also used part of her winnings to start up a production company called Queen Nefertari Productions and went on to help with projects such as the Polish Bar and The Brass Teapot. Besides setting up a good financial foundation, she also spoiled herself and her family with little treats such as a personal trainer, a trip to Paris and giving some of her winnings to her other brother and father.


“It changed my life tremendously.” She said, “I am able to do the things I’ve always wanted.”


Her advice to those who want to win the lottery and stay happy?


Live life and remember that what you think has a way of manifesting in your life – what you watch on TV, what you read, the people you surround yourself with. Once you win, being charitable is a great thing to do because “as you give, so shall you receive”. Also get a good tax attorney and financial advisor as you need to be prepared.


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