January 23, 2022
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Scottish Jackpot Winner Takes £10 Million

Scottish Jackpot Winner Takes £10 Million

Winning the lottery jackpot is something we all dream of – the riches and the relief of having financial worries taken off your plate are alluring to say the least. In April 2016, one lucky Scotsman walked away with a whopping £10 317 199; this is his story.


John Bowman was a 59 year old ladder maker from Forfar in Angus, Scotland. He’d been married twice and had two daughters, Emma (26) and Lisa (28). John had been playing the same five lines of lotto numbers every week since the lottery started but had only matched 3 numbers here or there, never winning any large amounts. When the lottery introduced new balls to the game in October 2015, John thought that perhaps he it was time to update his lines and include some of the new numbers.


One unsuspecting night, not even a year later, he went out to RS McColl on East High Street and bought his usual lottery ticket with his updated numbers: 2, 5, 14, 42, 51, 55, and a bonus ball number of 54.


John Bowman checked his numbers the day after the draw on 16th April 2016 and was quite chuffed as he thought he’d won £10 000, but he asked a friend to come over and double check the ticket. When his friend looked up the numbers on his phone, he told John that he had misread and had in fact won the jackpot of over £10 million – 1000 times more than he’d originally thought! John’s friend started crying as John just stood there in shock.


John Bowman

Image from thescottishsun.co.uk


The first thing John Bowman did was call his daughters to tell them the amazing news. He tried to call Emma first but had to leave a voicemail when she didn’t answer. Needless to say, his message of “call me back, it’s urgent!” had her in a flat panic, expecting the very worst. When she finally got hold of him, he had just got off the phone with the Camelot group and told her, not terrible news, but the magical news of winning the lottery jackpot. The next thing to tick off the list was a celebratory beer at his local pub.


The first thing John did was quit his job at Ramsay Ladders. He said that he had a good relationship with the company and that they all wished him well after his lucky windfall. John then hightailed it to Edinburgh to stay with his daughter Emma, laying low and causing the rumour mill to go into overdrive over this new lotto millionaire. John’s close relatives, who also knew about the lucky win, were briefed on remaining just as quiet until he had decided what he wanted to do. Laying low is possibly the best decision after winning such a large amount, with people crawling out of the woodwork for handouts and press trying to grab the latest story, hiring the right people and clearing one’s head are definitely needed.


John was officially announced as the winner at a press conference at 5-star Mar Hall near Gasgow. John mentioned wanting to buy a house in the sun but in the end settled on a mansion just outside town, worth £360,000, where he could be closer to his family and lifelong friends. His car was upgraded to an Audi S3, and he said that a racehorse might be on the cards. The avid sports fan also bought a ticket to the Monaco Grand Prix.


Overall it seems the lucky man from Forfar has stayed grounded, enjoying local football matches and enjoying the plenty of time off to play more golf and bowls.


“…I’m always thinking, ‘should I be spending this or getting that?’” he said.


Would you be as grounded and happy as John Bowman? To find out how your life could change, enter the lottery now and stand the chance to win the big jackpot in the next draw!


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