October 23, 2021
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How Far Would You Go to Win the Lottery

How Far Would You Go to Win the Lottery


Yes, we all dream of it, that winning ticket shining like gold in our hand. How different life would be! How many things we wouldn’t have to worry about anymore! The question is, how far have some people gone to try and win the lottery? There are some strange lottery stories out there!


A Strange Lottery Story


One man in China gave up full time work and decided to live underneath a bridge until he had cracked the lottery code using mathematics. Wang Chengzhou, a 49-year-old man had previously worked as a construction worker in Shaanxi province but had suffered a thigh fracture. After recovering from his injury and being paid out 50 000 yuan in compensation, he was supposed to go work on another building site in Yunnan province but ended up in Chingqing in 2008 where he now lives underneath a bridge spanning the Yangtze River. To earn money, Wang works part-time jobs such as at the post office or as a cleaner.


wang chengzhou

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Wang claims that he came up with his idea to crack the code in 2004 whilst he was drinking. Now he works in his “studio”, trying to crack the code in the early hours of the morning, because the complete darkness is apparently what helps him think best. He does all this whilst aided by packs of cigarettes and bottles of Chinese wine of course. Now I bet you’re wondering if has actually he cracked the code.


Wang and the Lottery Code


Well, according to Wang, he has indeed cracked the code and mastered the algorithms, spending around 2000 yuan a month on lottery tickets. He does however say that he doesn’t remember how much he has won and wouldn’t let reporters take photos of his work, claiming that he didn’t want his secrets to be released into the world yet.


Wang’s family also had no idea where he was until the reporters tracked him down. His 76-year-old mother has said she wants him to come home and implored him to return by the Chinese New Year but Wang is determined and has reportedly declined the invitation back into a sane home, adding that he would not leave until his research is complete. His plan is to write four books on how to win the lottery. Books which he believes will make him very rich and very famous – obviously richer than he already is, having cracked the “lottery code”.


More Strange Lottery Stories


Funny enough, Wang isn’t the only one to have aspirations of teaching the world how to win the lottery. There are more strange lottery stories!


A man called Richard Lustig actually won 7 lottery prizes from 1993 to 2010 and claims to be able to teach others how to win. He even did publish a book: “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”


He claims to be able to teach us how to win. Richard, however, is no more a lottery god than Wang claims to be. He has won because he spends a small fortune on lottery tickets! In fact, it seems Richard, after his first win, was just really smart about buying up as many lottery tickets as he could. He also dedicated himself to writing a book which actually made him his fortune. The book is a load of rubbish, in case you were wondering. Richard claims that winning the lottery is not based on luck but simply on learning the correct strategy and mastering certain techniques.


Win the Lottery the Right Way


Sadly, mathematicians say it is impossible to calculate the winning numbers of the lottery in advance because the numbers are randomly generated. Like, duh. Now we’re wondering who is up to breaking the bad news to Wang and the others…


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