October 23, 2021
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South African Powerball Hits an All-time High

South African Powerball Hits an All-time High

February 2019 saw almost every South African holding their breath as the South African Powerball jackpot rolled over and over and over. For twenty-four draws not a single person had matched all six numbers and everyone watched with stars in their eyes as the jackpot grew to a record breaking high. In fact, the jackpot of an estimated R225 million has been the highest ever recorded in South African history! The second largest jackpot was R145 million which was won in August 2018 by a man from Secunda in Mpumalanga. His winning numbers were 1, 15, 23, 24, 35, and 4. The 34-year-old married engineer said he had used numbers interpreted from his dreams – the Fafi method – to play on his winning ticket and was going to be sensible with his winnings.


South Africa’s Biggest Lottery Jackpot


Back to the estimated R225 million Powerball – everyone was waiting with abated breath as the draw took place on Tuesday the 19th February 2019. The Twitterverse had exploded with the hashtag #WhenIWin225MLottoIwill and people took to tweeting about what they would do with such an unimaginable amount of money.

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Besides social media going haywire, ticket sales were through the roof. Even the most sceptical buyers came out to play at a chance to win, driving ticket sales to over R74 million. This in turn pushed the final jackpot over the estimated R225 million up to R232 million. On 19th February 2019 one lucky South African finally won the whopping jackpot! They were now the lucky owner of a ticket worth R323 million – tax free.


Everyone waited but after a few days the public started to fear the worst: Would this be an unclaimed ticket? Luckily winners have 1 year from the day of the draw in which to claim their prize before they lose out.


Seven days after the draw the public’s curiosity was finally laid to rest. A 50 year-old man from Goodwood, in the Western Cape, came forward. This blue-collar worker spent R22.50 on his ticket at the OK Mini Mart in Tygerdal and played the numbers 4, 18, 21, 26, 35, and the Powerball of 5. He chose his numbers manually. His total winnings were R232  131 750.69.


South African Powerball Winner Claims his Prize


According to Ithuba the South African Powerball winner was flown from Cape Town to Johannesburg to claim his winnings. He received counselling from the lottery operator and said that it had changed his perspective. The lucky man said that the counselling had helped him to see that although there would be big changes in his life, he didn’t need to spend money before thinking things through.


“I am very excited and glad that I won this.” said the winner, “For me this will open doors for my kids’ education because that is very important for me.”


His planned first step is to sort out a good education for his children, but he is in no hurry to spend his money.


The man, who had been living hand-to-mouth for years, often felt like a disappointment to his children for not being able to provide as well as he wanted to. The man had been playing the same numbers since 2007 and praying to God, who he believes provided this amazing windfall. He has chosen to remain anonymous and has also said that he will continue working for now in order not to raise suspicion as “it is very dangerous out there”. He did mention that his one splurge would be a house of his own so that he could finally live with his kids under one roof.


His advice to other jackpot winners: be yourself, respect yourself, respect other people and take it step by step. Use the money carefully.


He also emphasised that education and supporting your children with whatever they need are very important.


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