October 23, 2021
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18 Year Old Wins Canadian Lottery Grand Prize

18 Year Old Wins Canadian Lottery Grand Prize


Who doesn’t wish they’d received a winning lottery ticket for their 18th birthday?! One lucky Canadian girl certainly didn’t expect her life to turnaround on her 18th. Charlie Lagarde was a regular teen from Montérégie, near Montreal, until she won a grand prize!


On the 14th March 2018, Charlie Lagarde headed to her local Couche-Tard convenience store. Here she bought a bottle of cheap champagne and her very first C$4 scratch lottery ticket to celebrate her 18th birthday. The legal age for lottery players in Canada is 18. She waited until she got home to scratch the ticket. Imagine her surprise when she found out she had won the grand prize in the Gagnant à vie (“Set for life”) lottery!


Charlie was quick to tell her family the amazing news and said that they were all “euphoric” over her stroke of good luck. Although she was quick to tell her family about her win, she took a week or two to weigh up her options and saw a financial advisor. Winning the Gagnant à vie lottery means having the option of a lump sum of C$1 million or a C$1000 weekly lifetime annuity. The lump sum includes tax whereas the weekly payout is tax free. Charlie Lagarde eventually opted for the weekly payout given her age.


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Lottery Winner Choices


Without taxes, the C$1000 a week option means Charlie would receive a salary of more than C$100 000 a year. If she lives until the age of 81, she will receive a whopping C$4 million. This is opposed to the one time payout of $1 million. Expert opinion about which option to take varies. Some say that taking all your winnings at once is what the lottery is all about, but others say that such a large windfall can be dangerous.


If you look at statistics, it is actually astounding how many lottery winners declare bankruptcy within a few years of winning. With the annuity, it is easier to correct spending mistakes. There is also no way you can blow the entire jackpot amount. Lump sum amounts also seem to mean struggling with depression, anxiety, divorce, etc. This is linked to the many stresses that come with winning the lottery. One of the biggest stresses is not knowing how to handle so much money. If you are not discipline, taking such a large lump-sum can actually work against you and your family. It can become a far cry from the freedom and happiness you pictured! It’s all about your wisdom and the willingness to learn and be discerning with how you spend such a large amount. Having an annuity means you won’t get hounded for large amounts. It also means that you will receive a nice bit of income every week without having to do anything for it!


Charlie Claims her Prize


Charlie went to claim her prize from the Loto-Quebec head office in Montreal, surrounded by friends and family. When asked what she plans to do with the money, Charlie replied that she would like to travel and then study photography. Her dream at the time was to work for National Geographic as a photographer.


Where is Charlie now? Did she blow her weekly winnings or has she stuck to her guns and used it to follow her dreams? One look at her Instagram page tells us that she did indeed spend her winnings wisely thus far. Charlie even works as a freelancer for the National Geographic, just as she had hoped! Seems some teens really do have their heads in the right place.


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