October 20, 2021
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South African Takes R145 Million in Powerball Win

South African Takes R145 Million in Powerball Win

South Africans live a tough financial life with economic crisis and salaries which hardly go up whilst the cost of living soars. For this very reason, many enter the lottery in the hopes of changing their circumstances and no longer having to live hand-to-mouth. One such lucky winner walked away with the second biggest win in South African Powerball history last August.


August 2018 saw the Powerball jackpot hit an all-time high of R145 million. Plenty of South African’s lined up to buy tickets in what promised to be a life-changing draw. On the 3rd of August one lucky engineer from Secunda matched all 6 numbers. He had manually chosen the numbers 1, 15, 23, 24, 35, and Powerball 4.


South African powerball

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Anonymous Winner

The South African Powerball winner, who chose to remain anonymous, had been playing the same numbers for years. He had played on the Tuesday when the Powerball jackpot reached R125 million but nobody claimed the big prize. When Friday came round he was relaxing with friends but something kept telling him he had to enter again. Just before 8pm he went to Evander Dienstasie and bought a ticket worth R20, playing the same numbers once again. The man from Mpumalanga says he even prayed just before paying for his ticket.


At 2pm on the Saturday the winner checked the numbers on his phone and realised he was the one and only person to have actually won the big jackpot of R145 million! He immediately ran to his wife, who was cleaning the house, and told her of their sudden good fortune. The couple, who have been together for 16 years, kept to themselves the entire weekend in order to allow the reality of their new-found wealth to set in. On Tuesday they headed to the Ithuba offices to claim their winnings. The process starts with verification of both ticket and winner. They then appoint financial advisors and psychological councillors whilst the claim is being processed. Before the end of the week, the winning couple had the full R145 million in their account, tax-free.


Winner Wisdom

So what is this down-to-earth couple doing with their South African Powerball winnings? They both agreed to continue working and to lead as normal a life as possible before resigning in the future. The 34-year-old man said that he plans on looking for investment opportunities within his work environment. Before winning, he had seen opportunities but had not had the capital to pursue them. They also agreed that the money would be put to good use in helping uplift family members. The idea is that they would help their family members to create a profitable business of their own instead of just giving handouts.


Anyone Can Win

The man and his wife said that even growing up they had not struggled financially but had hit a rough patch between finishing university and trying to find jobs. Their lives have been pretty comfortable since but such a big windfall will change things nonetheless!


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