October 26, 2021
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Things Lottery Winners Don’t Tell You

Things Lottery Winners Don’t Tell You   We’ve all heard the stories: “Lottery Winner Takes Home Jackpot” or “Lucky Ticket Holder Wins Big”. We also tend to hear how they feel so lucky, how they plan to travel or pay off their debt, We even hear plenty of gossip if they choose to stay in Continue Reading

What the Wealthy Never Buy

What the Wealthy Never Buy Oh to be rich! To be able to buy whatever you want and never have to worry about mundane middle class things like bills, or student loans, or mortgages. With so much money in the bank we tend to think that the world’s wealthiest splash out on whatever they want […]Continue Reading
Feel good Winner Stories

The $1 Lottery Winner

The $1 Lottery Winner   Of the millions of stories you’ve heard of lottery winners winning bigger than big jackpots, I bet you haven’t heard of the man who won $1 on a scratch card in January this year. It seems insignificant; obviously $1 won’t get you closer to fulfilling your dreams…or Continue Reading